Making Goodwill a Part of Your Restaurant Marketing Strategy

Making Goodwill a Part of Your Restaurant Marketing StrategyPeople by and large prefer to shop and dine at establishments with a decent moral compass. This isn’t a new trend—but in today’s highly charged political landscape, it’s the goodwill of a business that really drives engagement. For instance, statistics released on reveal that “68% of respondents said they wanted brands to donate to programs that provide direct support for medical workers” during the COVID-19 global pandemic. Regardless of the issue a business stands for, there has never been a more opportune time for business owners to show their core values by making goodwill a part of your restaurant marketing strategy.

The Importance of Social Media

If your social media marketing is top-notch, you already have a devoted fan base following you on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the like. It’s where your consumers go to find great deals, menu additions, or new merchandise. This is also the place where you should be shouting from the proverbial rooftops about the great things your company does behind the scenes.

For instance, we’ve seen a good deal of restaurants offering free food to healthcare workers amid the coronavirus pandemic. Still more are taking PPE donations, gathering written praise from customers to display around the store, or making monetary donations to service workers. The goodwill goes a long way, to be sure. Spreading the word of these unique tactics is simple to do on your social media channels. It’s also a win-win marketing strategy, as customers will repay businesses that are champions for good by continuing to shop there—and spreading the word.

Telling Your Story

Whether you are a company that stands up against racial injustice, unsustainable fashion, climate change, or another one of the countless causes out there, it’s important to tell your story. According to Retail Dive, “68% of consumers ‘expect clear values’ from brands.” The narrative you need to get out there should make it abundantly clear not only what your business stands for, but why and how you are actively taking action to address it. Devote a section of your website to the soul of your business—explain what you’re all about, and make sure that story weaves its way into your marketing tactics, sales strategies, and areas of digital engagement.

It’s Okay to Start Small

We understand there are costs around standing behind a huge cause. But at a time when so many of today’s consumers are feeling depressed about the state of our country and world, good deeds are truly going a long way. So, start small. If you notice a regular customer looking particularly exhausted one day, offer up a free muffin. Pick an “Essential worker of the week” and post their photo and some fun facts about them on your social media or in-store (with permission, of course). Offer $5 gift cards to guests that come in with the coolest face masks. Small acts of kindness, authenticity, and selflessness are priceless—and they can also help your bottom line.

Good business karma. Let’s make it a thing by making goodwill a part of your restaurant marketing strategy.