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At ARF Financial, we’ve engaged with thousands of gourmet food store owners who struggle to get the funding they need or the loan terms that make sense to keep their businesses profitable and moving forward. As the hospitality industry experts, our team of personal financial consultants specialize in providing the trusted lending services you deserve. What’s more, we live and work in your community and are committed to work side-by-side with you throughout the life of your  business.

Our focus is to get you the capital you need when you need it, all while providing seasoned guidance to help you maximize your return on investment. Here are some valuable options to put gourmet food store financing to work in your business:

Upgrade or replace store displays

Expand product offerings or purchase inventory in bulk

Add or replace equipment

Expand marketing efforts

The Difference is Insight

Cream Of The Crop

There are many advantages to working with us for the gourmet food store financing that you need. Credit problems are rarely a barrier, and you don’t need collateral for loan amounts up to $750,000. We offer flexible terms up to 36 months, and grant approvals quickly – often within 48 hours. We do it all while providing the personalized, one-on-one customer service you deserve. And best of all, the interest you pay is tax deductible, helping you save money while helping your business reach its full potential. When you borrow and grow with ARF Financial at your side, your gourmet foods business can quickly become the cream of the crop!

A Trusted Partner

An unsecured bridge loan or line of credit can be an ideal way for you to grow your store by  upgrading your displays, adding or making repairs to your equipment or facility, increasing your product offerings, or even taking the opportunity to open a second location or move into a bigger space. When you work with ARF Financial, we will use our years of expertise and experience in the food industry to analyze your specific needs and to design a loan specifically for your individual business situation.  It’s our goal to structure your financing to maximize your cash flow and your return on investment!

Our Partnerships & Offers

ARF Financial has secured exclusive relationships with banks across the country, so we can help you obtain the financing you need to keep your business moving forward. Unlike other lenders, we go even further to ensure your business’ profitability over time with no-cost value add-ons for our clients.

Through our New Client Rewards Program you can receive a free Amex Gift Card up to $3,000* – no strings attached – after your loan funds.

BOOST is our way of giving you access to valuable products and services that can help you drive revenue and customers to your business to power future performance.

Our INSIGHT Report highlights key trends, summarizes critical information and provides a comprehensive review of your business’ creditworthiness.

Use our Restaurant Loan Calculator to Find Out How Much You Qualify For:

Business Loan Calculator

Use our loan calculator to determine your potential loan amount:

Loan amounts may be increased with the review of tax returns and financials. *Must be operating under the same ownership and concept. *2 Home must be in your name. *3 Includes personal and business bankruptcy

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Loan amounts may be increased with the review of tax returns and financials.

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