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At ARF Financial, we’ve engaged with thousands of bar and tavern owners who struggle to get the funding they need or the loan terms that make sense to keep their businesses profitable and moving forward. As the experts in your industry, our team of personal financial consultants specialize in providing the trusted lending services you deserve. What’s more, we live and work in your community and are committed to work side-by-side with you throughout the life of your business.

Our focus is to get you the capital you need when you need it, all while providing seasoned guidance to help you maximize your return on investment. Here are some valuable options to put bar and tavern financing to work in your business:

Purchase inventory or expand your menu

Add a patio or refurbish your bar

Hire and train new staff

Add live entertainment

Improve your sound system or add tv’s

Improve your digital marketing

The Difference is Insight

Extending Your Bar

Our bar and tavern clients have found great success investing in projects to help grow their business. If you’re looking to make an investment in your bar or tavern, ARF Financial’s Flex Pay loan is the perfect solution to help you make those improvements now, grow your revenue and defer part of your loan’s repayment into the future. Our Flex Pay Loan is designed to give you a low rate, an affordable, fixed weekly payment with no disruption to your cash flow. We understand that cash is king, and with Flex Pay you have the utmost flexibility to invest in your business while maximizing your profits!

Adding More To Your Menu

Adding new cocktails, beverages or craft beers, expanding your bar menu, increasing seats or improving your bar’s overall experience can lead to a huge increase in profits. We strategically leverage our relationships with banks across the country to provide the funding you need to take advantage of such opportunities for growth, all while offering you affordable payment options. What’s more, unlike a cash advance, the payments don’t increase when your revenue does allowing you to pocket the profits from your hard work and smart investment.

Use our Restaurant Loan Calculator to Find Out How Much You Qualify For:

Use our Business Loan Calculator to determine the potential loan amount you may qualify for. Move the sliders below to indicate your business’s annual sales, time in business, your credit score, whether you own a home, and if you’ve declared bankruptcy and the calculator will serve up your potential loan amount based on 12, 18, 24 and 36-month terms!

Annual Sales
Time in Business
FICO Score
Please select an option
Please select an option
Term Loan Amount
12 month
18 month
24 month
36 month

Loan amounts may be increased with the review of tax returns and financials. Time in Business – Must be operating under the same ownership and concept. Homeownership – Home must be in your name. Bankruptcy – Includes personal and business bankruptcy


ARF Financial LLC is an exclusive third party originator and servicer of commercial loans for state charted community banks throughout the United States (“Partner Banks”), (collectively herein referred to as “Lender”). This Preliminary Loan Amount is based upon pre-underwriting standards consistent with Lender’s guidelines. This Preliminary Loan Amount is based upon the information provided by the Merchant in the Loan Calculator. This approval is contingent upon the accuracy and truthfulness of the information provided by the Merchant therein and on any additional information discovered by Lender during the Underwriting process including but not limited to the review of all financial information provided by the Merchant, the personal credit of any guarantor and/or any information available from the public domain relating to the business’ or the guarantor’s outstanding liens and judgments, collection issues, history of fraud, bankruptcy, or criminal activity; the status of the Merchant’s business entity with the State where they are located; or any other information that may reflect on the business or guarantor’s ability to repay this loan. The terms of this Preliminary Loan Amount may change based upon the review of all information noted above. The terms of this Preliminary Loan Amount (noted above or if modified during the Underwriting process) are not deemed approved until the Merchant agrees to and executes all necessary Loan documents and the Loan documents are countersigned and approved by an Officer of Lender. If Merchant executed no Universal Merchant Credit Application then this Preliminary Loan Amount is for discussion purposes only.

Receive an offer and approval for funds in 24 to 48 hours when you apply online!

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