Stay Informed with Important Updates for CEO and Leadership Circle Members

Welcome Circle of Rewards & Circle of Influence Members!

Capital Connections is here for you, our CEO and Leadership Members! Many of you are new to ARF Financial and we welcome you to the family. We also have a loyal group of partners that have been with us for years, and we appreciate that you have decided to become members. Capital Connections, just as it sounds, is the connection with all our members where you will find all the latest incentives, promotions, webinar information, contests, prospecting tips, product and underwriting changes as well as success stories from other members. If it’s happening in our Referral Partner Membership Program, you can find out about it here.


Direct Mail Updates

The second CEO and Leadership Direct Mail piece will begin arriving in mailboxes August 3rd for May Members.

The first drop date for June Members is August 3rd.

(Does not apply to Associate or Founding Circle Members)

Monthly Contests

June’s Member Olympic Games were a great success. Congratulations to all the winners!

Sign Up for the next contest (coming soon).

(Does not apply to Founding Circle Members)


Upcoming Training Webinars

The best way to be successful is to stay educated! Join us during our monthly webinars to learn more about our program.

Review Past Webinars from our Library


Success Stories

We love to see our Referral Partner Members succeed and share their successes with others. Maybe we’ll feature one of your funded deals here next!


Up-Front Bonus Commission Reminder

Don’t forget about your 1-2% Sign-Up Bonus Commissions on all your funded deals for the first 60-90 days!

May Members – End Date is July 31,2021

June Members – End Date is August 31, 2021

July Members – End Date is September 30, 2021

(Does not apply to Founding Circle Members)


Circle of Influence

Are you growing your Circle of Influence? The larger your circle, the more money you’ll make on Network Fees and Overrides!

Why Should I Become an Influence Leader?

Circle of Influence Benefits

COI Presentation

(Does not apply to Founding Circle Members)


Direct Mail Prospecting

Calling behind your direct mail leads is a key component in your prospecting success. Here are some scripts and tips on how to properly sell ARF Financial Products.

(Does not apply to Associate or Founding Circle Members)


Join the Circle of Rewards

Have you thought about joining the Circle of Rewards Membership Program? Learn more about the program by viewing a past webinar or visit our Circle of Rewards page.

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