Working Capital Loans
Short-Term, Unsecured Financing

Working Capital Loans made easy!

Working capital loans can help if you are being forced to scale back operations or cut necessary business activities because of an unexpected dip in cash flow. Are you weathering periods of lower sales trying to ramp up for a busy season ahead? Working capital loans can help! When you feel cash is tight or that your business lacks the funds to keep everyday operations running smoothly, know that ARF Financial is here to help. Our goal is to provide you the funds you need to overcome these short term challenges while gaining momentum for longtime success! Call us today to find out more about our working capital loans!


Fast and Convenient

Get approved for up to $750,000 with a quick, easy, low doc application and approval process.  Funding in 3 to 5 days from application.


Fixed Payments

Loan terms are available up to 36 months, yielding low fixed weekly payments.  Budget confidently with clear and transparent terms that never change.


Tax Deductible Interest

With a loan from ARF, the interest you pay is tax deductible further lowering your cost of funds.


Not Tied to Credit Card Receipts

Repayment is not tied to credit card receipts. Loan amounts are based on total sales, providing access to more capital, with low weekly payments and no surprises.


One-On-One Support

A seasoned loan consultant will personally assist you through the application, approval, and funding process. Their expert guidance will help you customize a loan to meet your specific needs.

No Strings Attached

Working Capital Loans from ARF Financial can provide the funding your business needs with without the hassle of a traditional bank loan or the hidden fees and payment surprises of a merchant cash advance.  Our approval process is streamlined with minimal documentation and funding can occur in days with no collateral needed! Our loan terms are fixed so your payments won’t fluctuate and the interest you pay is tax deductible, further lowering your cost of funds. If you’re looking to infuse your company with cash quickly and without the need for collateral, ARF’s unsecured working capital loans are just the thing you need!


Access to a renewable
Line of Credit with 5 separate
loan drafts to use over
a 6-month period.

UP TO 50%

Principal deferral option resulting in dramatically lower payments now.

$5K – $750K

Loan amounts available
with no collateral required
and limited paperwork


Loan approvals and
fundings in as little
3 to 5 days.

$3,000 New Client Reward

We’re so confident you’ll love our new loan terms we’re willing to give our new clients a free AMEX Gift Card worth up to $3,000!

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