Getting Creative With PPE

Getting Creative With PPEPersonal Protective Equipment (PPE) has become a common term these days. Some states mandate certain PPE to be worn by employees that are public-facing, some are mandating everyone to wear PPE when outside the home, and some just highly encourage it. No matter where your state or city stands on the matter, the fact is that PPE isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. So how do you make this a part of your employees’ work attire? Here are some fun ways you can start getting creative with PPE.

Add Personalization

If your employees wear uniforms, it makes sense to provide them with matching face masks as well to look cohesive. Alternatively, they don’t have to be boring or completely the same to coordinate with each other. Give your employees a choice of different fabrics and allow them to be personalized with their name. Or, if you’re a more laidback business, let your employees’ personalities really shine through and let them have free rein on how they decorate their mask.


Add a little competitive fun to your business by holding contests for the employee with the most creative face mask and let your customers vote. You could also hold a contest for customers getting creative with PPE masks to encourage their usage of PPE at your business. And don’t forget to take photos to post the winners on social media.

Theme Nights

If we all must cover our faces, we might as well make the most of it. Think of this as an opportunity to wear a perpetual Halloween mask, but not the scary kind. Your employees could dress up as characters with coordinating masks to complete the outfit. Superhero night, mascaraed balls, the sky’s the limit on the kind of themes your business could host. Remember, theme nights should be all about getting creative with PPE.

Branding Opportunities

Loyal customers love to share your brand with others, so using PPE as a brand opportunity is a no-brainer. Order masks that have your logo on them and coordinate with your logo t-shirts to encourage sales and have free advertisements walking through town. You could also order face shields with your logo on them to appeal to a more diverse audience.

If your company is using PPE, make the most of the situation. Your employees and customers will be thankful that you’re putting safety first while taking the time to make this a more enjoyable experience by getting creative with PPE.