Expansion Ideas For Your Liquor Store

ExpansionWhen many people hear the word, “expansion,” they usually think of physically making something larger. But, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case when you’re talking about a business with limited space. Expansion can also mean broadening your selection of products or services for your customers. Let’s go over some expansion ideas for your liquor store that doesn’t require breaking out the hammer.

Add a Local Products Section
Everyone loves to support local businesses. It gives them a since of hometown pride and helps give back to the community. So, adding a local products section to your liquor store is a no-brainer in terms of attracting new customers and appealing to your loyal patrons. Reach out to local vendors and distilleries to see how your liquor store can partner with them to create something great for your customers and your store.

Don’t Focus on Just Drinks
When someone comes into your liquor store, they may be needing more than just alcohol. Adding a section of party supplies like cups, plates, napkins and utensils will be very handy for customers that are looking for that special drink to go along with their party. You can also add fun accessories like unique wine bottle stoppers, can koozies, and drink markers to your inventory to increase sales.

Create a Drink of The Month Club
Another unique way to expand your liquor store is to add a drink of the month club. Ask customers to be a part of this program to gain their contact information for marketing promotions, and in exchange they can get special promotions on a specially selected drink for that month. Or you can provide exclusive flavors just for the customers enrolled in the program to really gain their attention, and you could charge a small fee to be in the club.

Add a Tasting Room
This one may require adding some square footage to your building if you don’t have the space, but a tasting room will give your customers the ability to try out new brands and flavors before they buy them. This will be a great value proposition for your marketing efforts and appeal to all of your customers. Having a separate area isn’t necessary to provide samples to your customers but creating a bar area will add to the appeal and experience for your customers.

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