Community Involvement Ideas For Your Pharmacy

Community Involvement Ideas For Your PharmacySo many people rely on their local pharmacy to provide them the medicines they need, whether it’s to get through a minor illness or manage a life-long condition. It’s quite the responsibility to own a pharmacy. So, kudos to you for being there for your community! If you’re interested in doing more, there are other ways to support your community that will help strengthen your brand and help your customers in the process. Let’s see how your pharmacy can be more involved in the community.

Host Specialist Nights

One great way to help your community is to give them free access to information whether it is about certain illnesses or ways to stay fit and healthy. You can do this by hosting group meetings, whether it’s online or in a classroom setting, and ask medical specialist to come to speak about specific health conditions and how they can better themselves while combatting or managing them.

Provide Vaccine Clinics

Convenience is key when trying to get working adults into your store for a vaccine. If your pharmacy is only open during normal working hours, 8-6, they may not be able to come in for annual vaccines unless they take time off work. If this is the case, try holding vaccine clinics once a month during the evening hours or on the weekends to accommodate them.

Give First Aid Tips

There will never be a shortage of bumps, bruises and other minor injuries out there. So why not help your community help handle these situations better by providing classes on how to properly administer first aid? From bee stings to how to set a broken arm when emergency help isn’t available, it all comes in handy at some point. And providing this information to your customers will increase their trust and loyalty to your pharmacy giving you more repeat customers.

There is a never-ending list of ways that you can help your community, these are just the beginning! Sit down with your employees to see what other ideas you can come up with so you can start giving back to your community in a whole new way. And, if you need the funds to help implement any of these ideas, we’re here to help. Our Line of Credit will be perfect for your pharmacy to have funds available when you need them while locking in the rate for 6 months. To see how much you qualify for, apply using our online application. There is no obligation to borrow and no hard credit pulls when you apply. Once you receive your offer, a local loan consultant will walk you through the process and help you select the best option for your pharmacy’s needs. Have questions? Locate your local consultant and give us a call!