COVID-Proof Financing

COVID-Proof Financing

Introducing Our Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan

We are excited to announce our newest, most innovative loan product that we’ve ever offered, the Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan! Designed to be a strong addition to our COVID-Poof financing, here are some of the amazing features guaranteed to overcome uncertainty and give you the safety net your business needs during these difficult times.

Lowest Rates and Payments

With our Interest-Only Flex Pay loan, you have three different term options to choose from, all of which offer rates starting at 11% and the lowest payments now so you can invest in the things that will help you claim victory over COVID-19. You no longer have to fear unknowns like mandatory shutdowns, capacity limitation changes or a new round of PPP funds that may never come.

The 80/20 IO Flex Pay option gives you 20 weeks of interest-only payments with a balloon payment of the principal at the end of the 20 weeks. If you’re not able to make the balloon payment, no problem! The loan comes with a built-in, automatic 60-week amortizing rollover option. We call it the COVID-19 safety net. This COVID-Proof financing will allow you to make payments on the remaining balance over the next 60 weeks as things start to pick back up again.

Following the same structure, we are offering a 76/16-week IO Flex Pay with 16 weeks of interest-only payments and a 60-week rollover safety net. Or, if you prefer a shorter term, there is the 78/13-week IO Flex Pay with 13 weeks of interest-only payments and a 65-week rollover safety net.

90-Day COVID-19 Guarantee

If there is one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has taught us, it is to be prepared for the unexpected. We can’t foresee what things might look like in the next 5 months, or even in the next few days given the fluidity of things. So, if after your interest-only (IO) term ends and business conditions aren’t optimal, we understand! Our 90-Day, COVID-19 Guarantee will allow you to add up to 90 additional days of interest-only payments to your loan, and you’re still locked in at your initial low rate. With a safety net like this you can truly borrow with confidence!

Special Bonus for October ONLY!

On top of all of these amazing features, we are also rewarding new customers who borrow $50,000 or more in October with a $1,000 AMEX gift card to use however they like! We know times have been tough and the holidays are just around the corner. So why not use the gift card to start your holiday shopping. No matter how you decide to use it, we hope it brings you a bit of joy and renewed optimism.

Have questions about the Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan and how it could give your business the boost it needs? Contact your local loan consultant today to get more details about our COVID-Proof financing including the minimum requirements and what rates you qualify for.

COVID-Proof Financing