The Magic Behind Self-Ordering Kiosks

Self-Ordering Kiosks

Self-Ordering Kiosks

We’ve covered how technology can transform your business, but today we wanted to take a deeper dive into the depths of going digital. Specifically with ordering kiosks, which have all but taken over the world of fast-casual dining. Self-ordering kiosks are nothing new in general—we’ve been using them for ages at gas stations and ATMs, but they’re relatively groundbreaking in the restaurant industry. So what’s all the buzz about? Let’s explore!


Now more than ever, today’s consumer demands perfection in all aspects of customer service. And never has this been truer than in the restaurant industry, where patrons expect their orders to be delivered quickly and without flaw. That means when someone wants a burrito with black beans (not pinto), they better be getting just that—or you run the risk of losing them as a customer. Customers have generally always held all the power when it comes to customer service. Enter: The self-ordering kiosk, which puts decidedly more power into the hands of the customer—but also all but guarantees a perfect meal.


Self-ordering kiosks, for those new to the technology, are essentially touchscreen computers that allow customers to browse your menu and place orders, all without waiting in line or for a server. Some kiosks even go so far as to accept payment. Typically, these types of devices are seen in fast-casual restaurants such as Panera Bread and McDonald’s. In fact, Business Insider points out that the burger chain started implementing kiosks at its US locations in 2015 and anticipates that by 2020, most of its 14,000 locations will be using them.


In terms of efficiency, a kiosk couldn’t be more perfect. It expedites the ordering process and allows your business to operate more smoothly. And in freeing up time for your staff who may have been running the registers and taking orders manually, you can reallocate those resources to other areas of your business that may need some attention, such as greeting customers, making suggestions, and asking for feedback on dining experiences.


Self-Ordering Kiosks

Customers love consistency. They want the food they ordered to come out of the kitchen exactly the way they ordered it and quickly, and self-ordering kiosks make that possible (provided you’ve got a staff trained on making your dishes properly). Give a customer an accurate order every time and you’re sure to make them happy. And we all know that happy customers equal repeat business. Customer satisfaction is a huge driver for the adoption of kiosks. A 2018 survey from Tillster and SSI found that out of 2,000 survey participants, 60 percent said they would visit a limited-service restaurant more if it had kiosks. Additionally, 57 percent said they’d leave a restaurant if the line was longer than five people, but 75 percent would stay if the line was more than five people, but self-service kiosks were available.

As with most things digital, the data you’re able to gleam from them is worth its weight in gold. With self-service kiosks, analytics are available in real-time. Sales and ordering activities appear instantly, which gives business owners a keen look into the ordering habits of their clientele. Some restaurant owners even saw increased check totals across the board thanks to kiosks engaging in targeted upselling tactics that display add-on items at the most flawless timed moments.


If all this sounds too good to be true, consider adding the labor-reducing, customer-satisfying, order perfecting upselling machine that is a self-service kiosk to your business plan this year. And if you need cash to make this implementation possible, look no further than your friends at ARF Financial. Our flexible loan terms, low fixed rates, and quick approvals will get you off to a great start. Plus, your credit won’t be impacted by your application. Get started today!