Cater to the Singles on Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine's Day


Singles on Valentine’s Day

When February 14th rolls around, there’s a portion of the population who collectively rolls their eyes at the mere sight of a rose. The Valentine’s Day Haters (or those just not that into it, to put it nicely) deserve the ability to find a destination that’s not all lovey-dovey on this holiday too, so why not take your restaurant in a different direction this year: Host a singles party, and make it one for the ages. We’ll give you the dish right here.


Speed Dating

 Yes, it’s still a thing, even in the days of Tinder. Host a speed-dating event at your restaurant either in the days leading up to Valentine’s Day, or even on the holiday itself. If someone finds a match at your place, throw in a gift card for a second date. Who knows—if things go really well, maybe the happy couple will ask you to cater their wedding.


Tasting Events

This one can also have appeal to couples. Have your bartender play matchmaker… sort of. Host a beer or wine tasting event at your bar, offering flights of drinks that perhaps have a “romance” theme for the occasion. Give your guests a slip of paper on which to mark their names and favorite pours, then have your bartender make random matches based on these favorites. If nothing else, it’s a pretty decent way for your customers to make a new drinking friend!


Galentine’s Day

You heard it first from Leslie Knope on Parks and Recreation, but Galentine’s Day has truly taken off since the concept hit our screens in 2010. While it’s traditionally held on February 13th, you could really host a special event any time around the real holiday. Whip up a fun brunch menu with mimosas and Bloody Marys so girlfriends can come celebrate their love for each other over a great meal. And since Millennials are really drawn to this holiday, make sure you promote it heavily on your social media accounts.


Best Breakup

 Who doesn’t love a contest, especially one that lets you benefit from being burned by an ex? Hold a contest on your restaurant’s Facebook page for the best breakup story (which can either be posted publicly or emailed in), then narrow down the entries. Have your Facebook community chose between 3 finalists for the story that makes them cringe (or laugh, or #SMH) the most. The winner gets a free meal, gift card, complimentary dessert, or maybe even a bottle of wine to drown their sorrows.


Shred the Ex

Last year, none other than Hooters came up with a fun promotion to celebrate being single on Valentine’s Day: Shred Your Ex. Participants could tear up a picture of an ex either in store or online, and they’d get 10 free boneless wings with the purchase of 10. You may not want to replicate this promo exactly, but it’s a fun concept—and one that’ll entertain your other in-house guests in the process.

There’s no end to the creative promotions you can put into place at your restaurant. From ex-bashing to single-celebrating, don’t forget about the folks out there who think the worst of Valentine’s Day. With the right marketing approach, you just might turn V-day into their new favorite holiday!

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