The Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Repair Services

The Benefits of Restaurant Equipment Repair Services

Recently we covered off on how restaurants are opting to outsource jobs in their businesses due to labor shortages and shifting priorities. Yet another interesting form of technology is emerging, one that works to save money and resources in this time of staffing issues and stretched wallets: restaurant equipment repair services. Let’s talk through some of the benefits of putting your regular equipment maintenance (and unexpected equipment repairs) in the hands of someone else.

We recently learned from Foodservice Equipment Reports that the restaurant industry spends nearly $26 billion a year on equipment repairs and maintenance. While this might seem like the cost of doing business, it’s important to note that a lot of these equipment repairs could have been mitigated with simple routine check-ups. When the pandemic hit, many pieces of machinery were left vacant for months at a time—this also caused unforeseen headaches, as equipment failures due to non-use were skyrocketing.

Keeping repairs and costs down is where platforms like 86 Repairs come into play. They provide on-demand preventative maintenance and repair services specific to the restaurant industry. How do these solutions work, exactly? With 86 Repairs, the company creates a “digital inventory” of your equipment and the vendors you work with for repairs. If something goes wrong with a piece of equipment, you just send a text or call your 86 Repairs team. They’ll also help troubleshoot technical issues in the event something can be fixed without the need for a technician, plus they’ll keep track of your warranties to ensure you’re not paying for repairs that are already covered. And finally, 86 Repairs will work with any of your preferred vendors to schedule on-site visits so you can get back to managing your business.

Chains like McDonald’s and Jimmy John’s are already using the 86 Repairs platform to help their locations. There’s even a data insights portion of the service that helps you make more informed decisions. 86 Repairs will manage every case at your business, tracking the data about your equipment and vendor performance. These analytics also allow you to track how much you’re spending on repairs based on equipment type, location, and service provider. It’s much easier to save money and make smarter decisions when you’ve got the numbers to back it up. As time goes on, look out for additional companies like 86 Repairs to be popping up.

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