Setting The Right Tone For Your Business

Setting The Right Tone For Your Business

If you asked your customers to come up with one word to describe your business, what would they say? And more importantly, will their answer match the image that you want your business to portray? If you think there may be a disconnect between the two, you may need to update your business’s ambiance to get it back on track. Let’s dive into some areas that you should look at.


It might surprise you, but background music is a key factor in setting the tone for a business. The last thing someone will want to hear in a store is a bunch of ads that may distract them from making a purchase at your store, so steer clear of free streaming services. You also want to test the volume of the music. Customers should be able to hear it but not cause them to have to talk over the music to be heard. You should also consider the type of music you are playing. If you’re a family-friendly medical office, you probably shouldn’t be blasting heavy rock. Instead consider some soothing classical music to complement the waiting room.

Color Psychology

You may think the color you select to paint your business doesn’t mean much, but it actually plays a big role in setting the right tone. Bold, bright colors like red and orange create a more fast-paced setting with lots of energy. These types of colors are great for fast-food restaurants and stores geared towards younger audiences. If you’re looking for a more relaxing atmosphere, stick with cool, soft colors. Take a look around your walls and make sure you’re emulating the correct look.

Ambient Scents

Have you ever thought about the smell of your business? Sounds like an odd question, but many large retailers have teams dedicated to selecting and concocting the perfect scents for their business and you should too. The scent you select should not only accent the goods or services that you provide, but it should also set the tone for what you want your customers to experience. If you own a salon or spa, you should select scents that are calming like lavender and mint. If you’re a bike shop, you will want a smell that reminds customers of riding outdoors like a mix of pine and cedar. It may take some trial and errors and to get the perfect scent for your business, but when you get it right, it will take your business to the next level.


The overall flow and tidiness of your business will also impact what your customers think of it. Is your checkout counter a cluttered mess and the cashier is also searching for a lost pen? Chances are, that wouldn’t portray a very good image for your business. You also need to consider the flow of your business. Is the checkout easily accessible and near the door? Do customers have a clear path marked throughout the building to ensure they understand where to go upon arrival and while shopping? Clear signage and thoughtful placement of your products will go a long way for your customers and give them an enjoyable experience.

Other factors can determine the overall ambiance of your business. From its décor to its lighting, and even the attitudes of your employees will all help set the tone and give your business its own personality. If you need funds to help revamp your business to give it a fresh new look, we’re here to help. Contact a loan consultant in your area or get started right away by completing an online application. Once approved, you will have funds in your account within a few days and be on your way to setting the correct tone for your business.