Quick Read: 3 Demand Generating Strategies for Your Brand

Quick Read: 3 Demand Generating Strategies for Your Brand

Whether your business is brand new or been around for a while, demand generation has never been in higher… well, demand. Today’s consumers are constantly being barraged with new products, services, restaurants, ways to handle a global pandemic without going insane, etc. Therefore, it’s more important than ever to have a strategy around demand generation and keep your brand top-of-mind.

What is demand generation? We’re glad you asked! From Wikipedia:

“Demand generation is the focus of targeted marketing programs to drive awareness and interest in a company’s products and/or services.”

How can you generate more demand for your small business? Let’s talk…

1. Step Up Your Email Marketing

If you’re not already A/B testing your email content, it’s time to take another look at your campaigns. One of the quickest ways to destroy your email list is to simply bombard your subscribers with an onslaught of content that might not even be working. In the email world, quantity is not greater than quality. A/B testing runs the gamut—it can focus on subject lines, imagery, content, headlines, calls-to-action, discounts, and more. By splitting your list and testing one strategy against another, you’re effectively learning how to curate the perfect content for your audience. A solid audience of brand loyalists can directly impact demand in the best way possible. There are tons of resources out there to help you choose a series of tests to perform, so why not pump the brakes on assuming what content your customers want and start relying on the performance data instead?

2. Go for Incentives

We’re all familiar with the Black Friday early-bird specials that have been getting American consumers out of bed at 2 AM the Friday after Thanksgiving for years. And why do those specials work so well? Because these incentives create a demand—a sense of exclusivity that’s only reachable by the select customers that choose to shop early. Deals that are limited to a certain time of day (think the Starbucks Happy Hour promos) or for members-only make them seem super exclusive—and very desirable.

3. Consider Brand Ambassadors

Consumer trust has been experiencing a downturn, for a multitude of reasons that now include the Covid-19 pandemic. More and more, customers are looking to their Instagram feed or favorite blogs to learn about new products and services from social media personalities. Everything from clothing to toothpaste to online stationary companies and professional teeth whitening can be seen represented by bloggers. We call these folks brand ambassadors or influencers, and they can do wonders to drive demand for your business. Turns out the advice of a complete stranger can carry its weight in gold when it comes to advertising. Why? Because hearing it from a peer is more genuine than hearing it from a TV spot. Check out this quick read on running a brand ambassador program for yourself.