National Hashtags to Use In Your Restaurant’s Posts

National Hashtags to Use In Your Restaurant’s Posts

National Hashtags to Use In Your Restaurant’s Posts

If there is anything social media has taught us over the years, it’s that we can count on it to spread the word quickly to our followers. Add in a popular hashtag that is trending all across the U.S. and you’ve opened your presence up to millions of social media users. I think we can all agree that this kind of brand awareness for your restaurant would be extremely beneficial during this time. So, we’ve gathered some of the more popular hashtags that restaurateurs are using to bring in customers and already has a huge presence in the social media realm that you can start using in your restaurant’s posts.


The Great American Takeout campaign was created in response to help restaurants through the COVID-19 outbreak and restrictions on their establishments. The first campaign asked for everyone across the country to do take-out at least once from a local restaurant on March 24. This successful campaign then sparked a second movement to push for another Great American Takeout day on March 31. Don’t worry if you missed these dates, we’re sure there will be more in the upcoming weeks. Keep an eye out on the campaign and use it for your upcoming posts when the next date is selected.


Many restaurants and retail stores are utilizing the #BuyAGiftCard campaign in their posts. This campaign is asking the public to purchase gift cards online for local businesses and then redeem them once they are able to open their services back up. This will give the businesses immediate funds to keep their businesses bills paid and gives the consumers something to look forward to once the quarantines are lifted. It’s a win-win! Try adding this hashtag to your campaigns and see the outpour of support start rolling in.

Other Popular Hashtags

While there are an endless number of hashtags you can be using in your posts, sometimes it pays to use ones that are already trending. Here are a few other hashtags that have been growing in the recent weeks that you can use in your posts to bring awareness to your restaurant:





If you aren’t utilizing social media marketing for your restaurant, now’s the time to get started. Give your customers updates on any changes that you are having to make, provide special promotions just for your followers, and don’t forget these national hashtags to use in your restaurant’s posts!