How to Tap Into the Subscription Box Craze at Your Restaurant

How to Tap Into the Subscription Box Craze at Your RestaurantHow to Tap Into the Subscription Box Craze at Your Restaurant

Now more than ever it is important to provide a variety of services at your restaurant to ensure you stay afloat during the COVID-19 outbreak. Maybe you added a new delivery or curbside pickup service to your restaurant, or you decided to lower expenses during this time by reducing staff and the hours that you’re open. But, have you thought about other ways to increase revenue while utilizing your restaurant’s assets? Let’s take a look at how to tap into the subscription box craze at your restaurant.

Enter the subscription box. It seems like there is a subscription box for everything these days. From hand-picked clothing from a professional stylist to monthly craft boxes full of projects for the ultimate DIYers, there is something for everyone to enhance their passions through these subscriptions. Have you considered tapping into this craze at your restaurant? Here are some ideas on how you can add this fun new service to your restaurant.

Sauce of the Month Club

Do you offer a variety of sauces at your restaurant? Maybe you have signature dipping sauces that your customers crave and would love to slather them on their food at home. Why not offer your sauce-loving customers with a fun sauce of the month club subscription? Select a new sauce each month that you can send to your subscribers for them to try at home on their own meals. You can also include fun recipe cards for ideas on meals they can make at home to bring out the flavors of that month’s sauce.

Fresh Meal Kits

Were you forced to cut back on your kitchen staff but still have the inventory to create your meals? Your customers may love the ability to receive a box of all the ingredients for their favorite meal and cook it at home. Provide them with the dry ingredients, instructions on what else they may need to create their meal, and let them soar as they hone in on their new culinary skills.

Recipe of the Month Club

Don’t want to mess with measuring and boxing up ingredients for your customers to try their favorite dishes at home? How about providing recipes for favorite dishes that your customers can cook at home. You can also provide access to video cooking tutorials that your cooks create to help your customers master these new skills at home. Ask your subscribers to share pictures of their culinary masterpieces on social media with a fun hashtag to help spread the word about this new service too.

Giving your customers new ways to stay engaged with your restaurant will be beneficial to your restaurant’s success. We hope these ideas on how to tap into the subscription box craze at your restaurant have helped spark your imagination to cultivate some fun ways to make the most of the situations we’ve been given. Think outside the box (or inside the box in this case) and you will prevail. If you need any assistance during this time, we’re here to help. Contact your local loan consultant to see how we can give you the working capital you need during this time.