Marketing Tips for Your Hardware Store

Marketing Tips for Your Hardware StoreAs the slow winter months drone on, there’s no better time to take a closer look at your current hardware store marketing strategy. Could it use a tune up? Today, we’re talking marketing tips for your hardware store to take it to the next level.

Content that Hits Close to Home

Consumers may have a lot of options in your area when it comes to shopping for improvement project needs. But if there’s one thing the big box stores are missing, it’s content that’s curated specifically for your community. Independently owned hardware stores are uniquely positioned to have a pulse on all the local happenings. From impending snowstorms and hurricanes, to arctic blasts and heat waves, chances are your store sells supplies that can help customers out in a pinch. When you hear about events like this coming your way, get out ahead of them with a quick Facebook post or blog article. Consumers will appreciate your attention to their needs, and content like this makes it known just how invested you are in the local community.

Customer-Generated Content

We write often about the importance of customer reviews—both positive and negative. The same goes for reviews of your hardware store. Customers can leave feedback for you on social media, send it via email, even post a Yelp review of your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is a great strategy that costs you nothing and can be a huge boost to your reputation. Make sure you’re responding to every bit of feedback you get, especially if you’re dealing with a disgruntled customer.

Another really fun way to boast about your business is by letting customers show off their home-improvement projects (completed, of course, with products from your store). DIYers love getting inspiration from other DIYers, so why not let your store shine in the process? Even better, provide an incentive like a gift card or discount for weekend warriors that put their projects out there and mention your store.

Training Sessions and Workshops

You own a hardware store. Chances are, your employees are pretty handy too. Folks come to you with home repair needs, Pinterest-inspired ideas, and more. Why not gather some local contractors and have them host classes on things like painting, repairing a leaky sink, or landscaping? The contractors may get some new business, and it’ll get folks into your store. When the sessions and workshops are over, recap it in a quick email or blog post.

When hosting workshops, be sure you’ve got an easy-to-find calendar of events up on your website, Facebook page, and in-store. You don’t want it to be difficult for customers and prospects to learn what you’ve got coming up!

As with any small business, it’s important to keep your marketing updated and relevant. The big box stores are all airing the same ads, so you’ve got a leg up when it comes to content tailored to your community. Fresh, frequent content is the ideal way to keep your customers engaged.

For more marketing tips for your hardware store or your small business, be sure to check out the ARF Financial blog—we’ve got new content popping up every day!