Marketing Tactics to Attract Top Talent

Marketing Tactics to Attract Top Talent

In a labor market where job openings are at an all-time high, job seekers are very much in demand. Those seeking employment have their pick of the litter, as they say. Because professionals are able to be quite selective when applying for new roles, it’s more difficult for companies to attract top talent—job seekers have a lot of leverage right now. Remember—candidates are interviewing you and your company just as much as you’re interviewing them. That’s why we’re going to cover off on some of the tried-and-true marketing tactics you can employ to supercharge the buzz around your business (and hopefully get the best and brightest through your door)!

Market What You’re About

What sets your business apart? What makes you a better fit for candidates than one of your competitors? What is your company culture like? Employees today want to ensure their workplace is a great fit for them professionally, financially, and personally. So if your company is big on diversity, equity, and inclusion, be sure to market that information when seeking new hires. According to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce website, “By creating a message that’s well-known and consistently expressed, candidates who align with your values and business purpose will be more likely to apply to your open positions.” Put the spotlight on what makes you unique—and be loud and proud about it!

Paint the Picture on Social Media

Prospective employees are likely going to look up your social media accounts as they research your business. Included in your mix of content posts should also be small glimpses into the company culture. Team outings, behind-the-scenes looks at your company at work, even awards you’ve won that point to the great things your business does in the community—those are all ripe for social media, and really do a nice job outlining what your company stands for or what a typical day might be like for a new hire. The more comfortable you can make candidates feel about their decision to apply, the better.

Manage Your Reviews

Websites like Glassdoor and Indeed—and even your Google Business Profile—allow current and previous employees to post reviews about your company, its culture, and the pros/cons of working there. It’s important to keep up with what folks are saying about you, even if it’s something you don’t want to hear. Much like responding to negative customer feedback, you should also be responding to negative employee feedback. And doing so on a platform in which job seekers can see that you’re interacting with these folks is a great way to make it known that your company cares about its employees, even if they no longer work for you.

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