7 Ways To Grow Your Salon

7 Ways To Grow Your SalonGrowing your salon can be an exciting time. It means you’re ready to take on a bigger space, hire more stylists, provide more services, or all of the above. But how do you know which direction you should go for your expansion? Well, first you’ll need to look at the 7 ways to grow your salon, decide if the market value is there for those new services, and then implement them. Let’s start at going over new services that you can provide to your customers.

Add New Services
Who doesn’t love a spa day? Adding spa services like massages, facials, or manicures and pedicures will give your clients more opportunities to relax while enjoying their “me time” and also spend more money. It’s a win-win!

Offer Bundled Services
If you’re not ready to take on adding more services but want to provide more for your customers, you could partner with a local spa to provide bundled services. Going in partners will allow you to bundle your services with the spa and depending on how you work out the partnership, you could receive a percentage of the partner’s sales.

Expand Your Retail Products
Providing the usual hair products that you use on your clients is expected when you open a salon, but have you thought about expanding the retail side of your business? Loyal clients love to show their support for a business by purchasing branded merchandise. It also gives you free advertising when they wear it. You can also provide specialty towels, face cleansers, make-up products, nail polishes, basically anything beauty related to give your customers more convenient access to these types of products while at your salon.

Don’t Forget About Upselling
Adding more products to your salon won’t do a lot of good unless your staff is properly trained to upsell them. Provide training sessions for your staff to ensure they know everything they need to about your products and how to properly recommend the right ones to their customers.

Add More Stylists
Adding more hair stylists will allow you to expand your business even further. The more stylists you have, the more customers you can see in a day. But, depending on the amount of space that you have, this may or may not require a larger building. If you don’t have the funds available to find a larger space, this may not be the best expansion option for you at the moment.

Offer a Rewards Program
There are ways you can grow your business without having to move locations or add more staff. Adding a rewards program is a simple way to encourage your customers to come back more often. Points from a rewards program could be redeemed for free services, reduced prices, or even free products. Give your customers an easy way to track their earned points by providing cards to stamp or keep everything virtual and create an account that they can log into to see how much they’ve earned.

Add a Referral Program
One of the biggest compliments a stylist can receive is a client referring a friend to them. So, encourage these referrals by adding a referral program that will give your loyal customers an incentive to boast about your amazing services and bring in more customers.

After reviewing these 7 ways to grow your salon, if you think this is the right time to grow your salon, we’re here to help. Many of these expansion projects will require an initial investment in order to get the return you are looking for. Contact one of our experienced loan consultants today to see what type of loan will best fit your salon’s needs. Or, if you’re ready to get started now, you can receive an offer  by completing our online application. There’s no obligation to borrow and no hard credit pulls when you complete your application. After you receive your offer, your assigned loan consultant will contact you to go over your options and help you make the best loan selection.