4 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

4 Ways to Get More Likes on Facebook

One of the topics we consistently cover at the Financial Pantry is social media. Everything from mistakes to strategies and all that falls in between. Following that same path, today we’re discussing 4 ways to get more likes on Facebook.

According to Datareportal.com, “Facebook had 2.912 billion monthly active users in January 2022, placing it 1st in our ranking of the world’s most ‘active’ social media platforms.” So if there was any doubt that Facebook still remains a chart-topper, let that stat sink in. While the traffic on Facebook is sky-high, that also means the proverbial “noise” users are getting on a daily basis is astronomical. How can you, as a small business owner, stand out in a sea of friend posts, store ads, quizzes, etc. that folks are scrolling through every day? Read on…

Time it Right

What’s going on in the world at the moment you post something on Facebook has never been more critical. Keep your eye on current events and consumer trends and really analyze whether your posts are going to hit a sore spot. For instance, at the start of the pandemic (during lockdown, specifically), a lot of folks were still posting imagery of folks out in public, mask-less, having a grand old time. Take the time to consider how your Facebook posts are going to be received by a wider audience. Will they strike an insensitive tone? If so, back away and think up a new strategy – one that won’t offend your readers.

Incentivize the “Why” 

Let’s face it: We don’t have the time for much of anything these days, when you factor in family, work, mental health, etc. Consumers need a real reason to give your business the time of day. This is where competitions or giveaways can play a huge role in bringing fans to your Facebook page. Whether it’s incentivizing folks to start a conversation about your post in the comments with the promise of a gift card, or asking them to post photos of them using your products for a chance to win a prize, people will respond in a positive fashion. After all, we might not have a ton of free time on our hands… but we do love free stuff!

Make it Entertain 

One of the best ways to get people to notice your posts is to inject some humor or entertainment into them. We’re so accustomed to reading (or glazing over) dry, informative posts with zero personality—so much so that we’ve become a bit numb to them. In order for your readers to stay engaged, give them something exciting to grasp onto. Whether it’s jokes, puns, or really cool information that no one knows about, Facebook posts that tug at the funny bone are one-of-a-kind. Plus, they work! As noted on Postplanner.com, “Finding funny things to post on Facebook can not only humanize your brand but also add an emotional layer to your content — and the more you touch the emotions, the more you’ll be remembered.” 

Imagery Counts 

Writers, take note. People these days aren’t too interested in reading long social media posts, despite how interesting (or hilarious!) they may be. The first thing that’s going to attract someone to your post is its imagery. Pictures are worth 1,000 words, right? Well, they are also basically the sole thing that’s drawing your fans to your Facebook posts. First, we notice the picture; if it’s captivating enough, we’ll move on to the text. So don’t discount the importance of great imagery in your social media posts.

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