3 Hair Salon Hiring Tips

3 Hair Salon Hiring TipsThe salon industry sees a fairly high turnover rate, with the average employment rate running at 3-5 years. You have to hire stylists, but how do you do so while being efficient and bringing on top-quality talent? Let’s explore three great hiring tips we’ve come across to secure talent for your salon.

Know Your Ideal Candidate

It’s important to know what you’re looking for when you set out to hire someone new. A clear vision of the type of stylist you’re seeking will allow you to be more efficient when going through resumes. You definitely want someone with the styling chops, but it’s equally important to staff your team with people who are personable and have incredible communication skills. There’s also a salesperson angle with any stylist; you’ll want someone who can recommend products or additional services to top of it all.

Get out There on Social

A steady social media following goes a lot further than attracting new clients. It can also be a great spot to attract potential talent. Posting job openings (and asking your staff if they’d mind posting on your salon’s behalf) opens up new doors you may have never known existed. Remember, when you post something to Facebook or Instagram, you’re not only reaching your followers – you’re reaching their followers too!

Save Time with Recommendations and Events

In addition to posting your openings to social media, add to your reach by asking for recommendations and heading to cosmetology schools/events. Between family and friends, your current employees may just know the perfect person to fill the role you’re seeking—an added bonus is that they already know how your salon operates, making their recommendations that much more solid. Your current clients may also know someone who could fit the bill. You’ll cut out the time it takes to go through stacks of resumes if you focus on soliciting internal recommendations.

Additionally, heading to schools and events gives you the chance not only to see stylists who are new to the industry, but also connect with other professionals that can make recommendations to you. At trade shows, consider approaching stylists and ask if they are interested in a new opportunity. Hair shows allow you to see the stylists in action, witness how they interact with clients, and basically do an observational interview—without even saying a word.

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