Motivating Your Bartenders

Bartenders are often seen as the therapists of your business. They hear all kinds of stories, mixing up cocktails and offering a listening ear to your patrons. It’s important your bartenders have all the support they need from management in order to maintain that positive, patient attitude. So how can you make sure they remain motivated? Let’s dive in.

Creative Freedom 

Giving employees – regardless of profession – the freedom to make decisions independently of their managers is empowering. Let your bartenders lend a hand in creating a menu of specialty cocktails, for instance. Perhaps they are very passionate about their craft and would love to host a mixology event at some point. Or maybe there’s opportunity to stock some new craft beers or artisanal wines behind the bar. In any event, pulling your bartenders in to help you make decisions about your menu, etc. is a great way to empower them to be their best. It also goes a long way in proving you trust their judgement and experience.

Goal Setting

Establishing goals and a performance plan for your bartenders can go a long way in increasing motivation. Work with your bartender to focus on areas of opportunity, be it customer service or honing their craft. Make sure the goals are SMART – Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Schedule regular check-ins with your staff to reflect on progress, barriers, etc. Giving your bartenders a challenge to work toward is key to empowerment and motivation.

Establish a Lead

If you establish someone as head bartender in your business, it can go a long way in motivating your other employees to succeed. They’ve got a position to aspire to when they know there’s room for promotion within their role. Head bartenders can also be given management responsibilities that make them feel empowered. Ask them to help you establish roles and responsibilities for your other bartenders, and include them in the hiring process when bringing on staff.

Set the Standard

The environment you create in your business is one of the key factors in an employees’ overall job satisfaction. There should be trust among your staff and the management, and everyone should feel as though they can speak their minds without fear of repercussion. If you’re ruling with an iron fist, turnover is going to be through the roof. People want to respect those they work for—so be the manager you would want to work for, as well.

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