Why Your Veterinary Website Needs a Blog

Why Your Veterinary Website Needs a BlogDogs, cats, birds, and a multitude of pets in between are all considered good as kin. In fact, reports have found that 77 percent of pet owners view their animal companions as family members. Which is why the veterinary care industry is seriously booming—to the tune of $19 billion. You have a veterinary practice, you have a client base, but you also have competition. How does your business stand out from the pack? We’re talking blogs—about pets. Content is king these days, and creating a meaningful brand that resonates with potential clients shows how truly devoted you are to animal care. Let’s walk through a few great reasons to start considering a blog for your veterinary practice’s website.

It Drives Awareness (SEO)

When you have an active blog on your veterinary website, the chances of your practice being discovered via an online search are increased. Pet owners may search for information on an ailment their dog is experiencing, or want to know the best cat food for an aging feline. If your site has articles covering a wide range of topics, you stand to improve your website in the search rankings. Higher rankings mean increased awareness of your practice, which means more appointments scheduled.

It Builds Trust

When a small business shows customers it’s about more than just making money, it goes a long way in creating positive brand association—especially in a world where the household pet is equally as welcome in bed as a spouse. Thoughtful content, created with intent and purpose, shows how genuine your veterinary practice really is. It allows you to craft a voice and tone for your practice. It allows you to engage with the community. It allows you to showcase the vets and technicians that care for these pets every day. And it allows you to truly shine as a unique business that will truly treat these pets/patients as if they’re family.

It Provides Education

Educating pet owners on a variety of animal topics will make your website a go-to destination for clients far and wide—and it’ll solidify your position as an authority in the animal care space. An article detailing what first-time dog owners should look for in a breed would apply to countless individuals who will eventually need a veterinarian. Blog posts covering frequently asked questions, why your cat insists on sitting atop your computer keyboard, what to expect after your pooch is spayed, etc. all pique the interest of today’s pet owners. Plus, if your blog posts answer questions clients may have otherwise asked during an in-office visit, it’ll cut down on their appointment time. This will save you money and save them precious time.

Interested in starting your first veterinary practice blog? Consider investing a bit of money into a marketing professional, who can come and help you create the best space possible to host your content. And don’t forget to check in with ARF Financial for all of your small business financing needs—a quick and easy line of credit may be just the ticket to fund your blog endeavor, and get things off on the right paw!