Spreading the Word About Your Family Counseling Business

Spreading the Word About Your Family Counseling BusinessYou’ve started a successful family counseling business, but now you’re wondering about the next step—increasing awareness of your services and in turn, securing more patients. You’re in growth mode, and that’s great. The world of marketing is robust, with many different mediums you can choose from to engage an audience. How to sort through them all? Today we’re covering some exciting ways to get the word out about your family counseling business. Ready to dive in?

Make Your Website Shine

Folks are generally going to be searching for a counseling service through a search engine such as Google. Should they happen upon yours, it’s critical that the services you offer and the specialties you focus on are front-and-center. Remember, the average consumer’s attention span is about 12 seconds—don’t make them dig for the meat of your counseling services, or they’re just going to leave your site. Content should be easily scannable, straightforward, and written in such a way that prospective patients don’t have to decipher big words. Patients need to understand who you are, what you do, any insurance plans you accept, and how they can contact you. And that’s all got to be on your website.

Be Present in the Right Places

You want to drive clients to your website, which you’ve already made sure is curated perfectly to stand out prospective clients. But how will you get them there? SEO is a big one of course, which helps with organic search and building trust. You should also be thinking about places like your Facebook page or paid ads on the websites of medical publications. If you’re a guest contributor on other websites, link out to your counseling site from there as well. Think of this marketing tactic as digital networking. The more audiences you can engage, the more opportunities you’ll see.

Writing Content is Key

You’re a professional counselor, so you’ve got expertise that most folks don’t. Blog articles—written by yourself or other medical professionals in your network—are the perfect awareness-building tactic. Beef up your website with carefully curated content that speaks to the issues your business is focused on. Regular posts, which certainly don’t have to be the length of a novel, will build credibility and make for ideal content to link to in email newsletters and social media posts.

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