Think Virtual: It’s Time to Get Creative

Think Virtual: It’s Time to Get Creative Think Virtual: It’s Time to Get Creative

If you’re like most store owners across the U.S., you’ve had to close down your storefront to in-store shoppers. That doesn’t mean you have to completely close down. You may just need to get creative. Here are some ideas to continue to give your customers their favorite products or even provide new services to continue your revenue stream.

Online Tutorials

Do you provide a service but not able to meet with your customers in person? Don’t let them forget about your brand while we fight this from our homes. Try setting up some online tutorials for your customers to purchase or give them for free to continue brand awareness. Have a nail salon? Show them the best way to remove their old gel polish at home and give them fun ways to color their nails at home. Have a hair salon? Give them hair tutorials to try new styles or show them the best products to do color touchups at home. The sky’s the limit with providing tutorials or fun engaging content for your customers to watch at home.

Curbside pickup

The term curbside pickup never really seemed appropriate for other industries besides restaurants, until now. Clothing stores are now allowing customers to purchase items online and come by the store to have it brought to their car. You save on shipping and they get a minute out of the house and don’t have to wait for their new purchase to arrive in the mail. It’s a win-win! This can be done at many retail stores, not just clothing. This winery enlisted their dog to help delivery wine to their customer’s car door. How cute is that!

Live Store Tours

Did you get a new shipment in and can’t wait to share it with your customers? Set up a live video tour on social media of your store with the new merchandise in it. This will allow you to be interactive with the new products, answer any questions customers have in real time as they browse through your store with you, and it also lets people have a different take on shopping at home instead of looking at the items one by one. You can also include some special giveaways for gift cards to the people who watch the live broadcast as an incentive to learn about your new products.

There are so many ways you can keep your customers engaged even when your store’s doors are closed. All it takes is a little creativity, a little tech savvy, and a positive attitude. There are ways to get through this. Now start thinking of ways you can reengage with your customers during this time!

Think Virtual: It’s Time to Get Creative