Subscription Services to Add to Your Business

Subscription Services to Add to Your Business

Subscription Services to Add to Your Business

Now more than ever, it is important to think outside of the normal realm of brick and mortar stores to provide your customers with fun and enticing ways to stay loyal to your brand. One way to do this is to add a subscription service to your business. Not only will this allow your business to stay top-of-mind for your customers, but it is also an opportunity to continue to see revenue streaming in even if your storefront is closed. Ready to get started adding subscription services to your business?

Subscription Box

One option is to give your customers the ability to subscribe to receive a monthly a box of goodies from your business. Give each month a theme and allow your customers to choose which months they would like to receive a box. Or, make it a complete surprise! If you cater to young kids, this is a great option. Don’t forget to also include things like free samples of other items not included in their box or hints about what next month’s box will include. You can provide different price levels to include more or less items in their shipment, allow them to pick what types of items they would like, or have one box for everyone. There are so many ways you can cultivate this service to fit your business model and make your customers excited about your brand.

Think Outside The Box

Do you provide a service and not able to provide a physical box of items each month? You could add a monthly subscription plan to your business to encourage regular visits. Allow your customers to choose how many times they would like to use your services each month or even throughout the year and provide tiers to give them a great deal. You can also add on a customer loyalty program that will allow your customers to receive free products or services for utilizing their service subscription. This is a great way to keep people engaged and want to continue coming back. If they can’t come into your business right now, think of ways that you can stream tutorials or live videos for them to watch exclusively as part of this subscription.

Partner With Other Businesses

Would your products go well with another local business that you could combine forces with to provide subscriptions together? If you are a clothing store you could partner with a shoe store to provide the ultimate full outfit box. Maybe you are a craft store and can partner with a local artist to provide free tutorials with their craft of the month box. Partnering with other businesses will not only give your customers a variety of items, but it will show your support to other businesses as well.

If you don’t have another means to keep your business running during this pandemic, this may be a great solution to keep going. Remember, your perseverance will pay off. Now to get started on your first offer to make this a reality. Good luck!