Successful Medical Office Management

Successful Medical Office ManagementSuccessful Medical Office Management

Medical office managers serve a critical purpose in the practice. They oversee the practice’s day-to-day operations, handle staffing, manage receptionists and other employees, and generally make sure the practice is running smoothly. It’s a fast-paced and often stressful job, and it’s definitely not for everyone. In essence, a medical office manager is running the practice. What are some of the key ways an office manager can succeed? Read on.

Understand What Everyone Does

What makes a great manager? One who knows what each team member is responsible for and how they perform their duties. In a pinch, the manager can step in and cover for an absent or overwhelmed employee, or train someone else to do so. And having a grasp on the workload of employees is a critical component in understanding when to hire new staff or cut back. Plus, it helps in smoothing out processes and developing new ones.

Monitor Your Practice’s Performance

Tracking the daily operations of a medical practice is important in benchmarking them against other practices. Remember, patients have a plethora of options when it comes to medical providers—and if a similar practice is more efficient, they have a leg-up on you. Know where you stand in the community and determine ways to increase productivity and efficiency.

Interaction is Key

The doctors in a medical practice are busy treating patients, so it’s not unusual that they remain rather elusive during office hours. However, as an office manager, making time to step out of your office and interact with your staff is key for several reasons. First, facetime goes a long way in increasing employee motivation and morale. Second, cruising the floor allows you to see your staff in action—and observe areas in which they can improve, or even processes that are not in compliance with industry requirements. Save your office for closed-door conversations or private meetings, and spend a majority of the day among your staff.

Market Your Practice

Sometimes overlooked, a key part of the office manager role is that of increasing revenue. As an office manager you may not be the practice owner, but that doesn’t mean you can’t implement marketing strategies. Spreading the word about the practice, ordering and distributing promotional merch, and maintaining the practice’s website and social accounts are all highly beneficial ways to drive growth. Network with other office managers to learn which strategies are working for them. You can also return the favor by sharing your own marketing triumphs, too.

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