Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice

Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice

Marketing Strategies for Your Medical Practice

Regardless of what type of medicine you practice, it’s no small feat to own your own practice. Attracting new patients in today’s fast-paced world is also tricky terrain. It requires not only medical skills that are well known and respected, but a certain degree of self-promotion as well. You may be the best doc in town, but what do you know about marketing? That’s our focus today: Marketing strategies for your medical practice (that even a novice can master).

Help Patients Find You – Digitally

A decent percentage of consumers today are searching for healthcare providers online. The most important part of being easily located is to make sure you have a great website. A website for your practice should include basics such as information on the type(s) of conditions you treat, your medical schooling and certifications, hours of operation, and types of insurance you accept. Bonus points if patients are able to leave reviews or book/cancel appointments online. Don’t know where to start with a website? There are lots of medical website templates available online. Take some time to find which one works best for your practice. You can also easily find a web designer to build your dream site, but be aware of the extra costs that might entail.

Think blogs are just for foodies and fashion influencers? Think again. Blogs are a great way for doctors to get the word out about their practice, new industry research and findings, patient success stories (with their consent of course), and more. As a doctor and business owner, be conscious of the fact that you are also a brand. A blog serves to help prospective and current patients get to know the human being behind the lab coat. Beyond a blog, creating a Facebook page for your practice and posting similar content as you do on your blog is another fantastic way to market yourself.

Become a Trusted Source

Would you be surprised to hear there are websites out there that let you be a source for journalists? is just one example, but there are plenty more. What a great opportunity for you as a medical professional to get your name out there in a credible newspaper or magazine. You could reach out and pitch story ideas related to new developments in your specialty. Oftentimes, members of the media will contact local doctors to lend credibility to their stories; if you’re comfortable, don’t hesitate to oblige.

On a similar note, publishing stories in trusted industry publications and journals is a way to proactively market yourself. You are an expert in your field—make sure you are helping others see that too.

Never Fear Swag

Promo items—think pens, stress balls, lip balm, or water bottles—are always a great way to get your practice’s name out there. Make sure to include your address, phone number, and medical focus on whatever you give out. Hand these items to patients or give them to colleagues/other doctors to help spread the word about your practice. And all the better if someone posts a photo of your merch on social media!

Embrace Reviews

One of the best—and least expensive ways—to market your medical practice is to lean on your patients. Online reviews posted to sites like serve to inform the public about you as a doctor, with the information coming straight from the source: Your patients. Embrace these online communities as a way to publicize your practice, but also as a way to learn and grow professionally and personally. Negative reviews can sting, but not if you use them as a learning opportunity.

As you’re looking for new ways to market your medical practice, we want to remind you of one key point: You are a business owner too, which means you are a brand. Never lose sight of this when you’re crafting your website, talking to the media, or posting to Facebook. You got this!