Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20

Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20

Four-twenty. 4/20. 4:20. If you’re familiar with the cannabis culture, all of these forms of the phrase might mean something to you. The slang has a pretty interesting origin story, and April 20th has now become a international phenomenon on which people from all stretches of the country gather to smoke weed, demand its legalization, and otherwise celebrate its existence. Are you a restaurant owner whose establishment partakes in the new cannabis culture that’s exciting the food industry? Read on for ideas on how to prep your place for this historic date.

There is no shortage of recipes and shows out there devoted to cooking with cannabis. Take the show Bong Appetit on Viceland, which devotes each episode to infusing all kinds of delicacies with various strains of pot, using super scientific techniques along the way. And then you get to watch the hosts and chefs eat it all. Inspirational, to say the least. The target audience for this high-flying trend? Millennials, no doubt. But also vegetarians, health nuts, and Wall Street bankers. Is cannabis the one thing that could finally bring us all together as a country? That might be wishful thinking, but maybe your restaurant can create a happy atmosphere in which everyone is friends—at least for one day of the year.

Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20Drink Up

If you’re already serving pot-inspired dishes, you’re likely using cannabidiol (or CBD). Stemming from the hemp plant, CBD mellows you out, but it doesn’t get you high. And right now, that’s where the trends are pointing. Bartenders are going crazy crafting CBD cocktails. The ingredient allegedly provides a nice flavor enhancement, reduces anxiety, and makes for some great conversation. Investigate fun new cocktail recipes for 4/20 at your restaurant, or incorporate it into your lattes, teas, and juices. Drinking your cannabis is an unexpected way to start—and finish—the day.

Turn on the Trivia

People love a rousing round of trivia to go along with their drinks, so why not indulge them with a little stoner-inspired trivia? Whether it’s a handout with questions you present to guests at their table, or an interactive game the entire bar can participate in, there are plenty of sites chock-full of questions for weed enthusiasts to enjoy.

Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20Smokin’ Playlists

You already know the power music has to really set the tone for a celebration. Check out marijuana-inspired songs to play during the day at your restaurant. Trust us, there is no shortage of them!

Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20Pot Promotions

Whether you sell cannabis-infused dishes or not, there are still plenty of promotions and campaigns you can run on 4/20 to increase traffic. Things like food giveaways, unveiling new recipes (laced or unlaced), and high discounts will lure customers in who may just want to partake in the celebrations while remaining sober. Check out this list of top promotions from Nation’s Restaurant News for more inspiration.

Prep Your Restaurant for 4/20Social Media Smarts

No matter what you choose to do on April 20th at your restaurant this year, be sure to blast the hype on social media and your website. Get the word out early and often to draw the biggest crowds of existing and new customers. For insight into the top social media tips you should be using right now, be sure to check out our recent post on social media marketing.

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