Marketing Tips for Your Pet Store

Marketing Tips for Your Pet StoreRegardless of the state of the economy, pet stores are always considered an essential business. Some 67 percent of Americans own a dog, after all, and the pup’s gotta eat! Pet store owners don’t have to sink a fortune into their marketing strategies, but it is still important to have a solid plan in place. Let’s talk through some tips to help put your pet shop a paw above the rest.

Digital Pawprint

We know the power of online marketing. For your pet store, consider starting a blog on your website. The content here can be endless, from feel-good pet adoption stories to information on new products. When you’ve ramped up your arsenal of content, start promoting it to your email list via a weekly or monthly newsletter. Remember, customer engagement is a critical component to your marketing plan—so don’t feel like everything you email your base needs to include a discount coupon.

Social media is a great spot to announce your promotions, new product launches, in-store events, and more. If it’s National Cat Day, create a promotion around cat toys or ask customers to post pictures with their feline friends to social media (using the hashtag to your store, of course). The fun of this type of business is that you can really think outside the box.

Be the Expert

There’s something to be said for independent stores, whether they are music stores, bookstores, even pet shops. What you don’t get at large box stores are the knowledgeable staff and hard-to-find merchandise that are so prominent in small businesses. Pet owners care about their companions like children, and definitely appreciate what a small shop has to offer. Be the local expert in all things pet and you’re sure to have folks flocking. Do your research by heading to the big stores in your area and noting the pet items they’re not carrying; incorporate these niche items into your business to get a leg up on your competition.

Community Presence

Owning a pet store lends itself perfectly to getting involved with the local community. Hosting adoption events, helping at shelters, affiliating yourself with a local charity, all are great causes that can spread brand awareness and help bolster your reputation among the area. Collecting donations from your customers to give to pet shelters is yet another way to show just how caring your business is.

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