Effective Marketing for Your Grocery Store

Effective Marketing for Your Grocery StoreHaving a great marketing strategy to support your grocery store business can take it from good to great. While grocery stores are essential to communities, the popularity of grocery delivery services like Instacart has made it more difficult to appeal to new customers. Today we’ll cover some great marketing tips to get a leg up on the competition.

Branded Reusable Bags

Some states have outlawed single-use shopping bags altogether. At writing, a total of eight have adopted this legislation. This presents a great opportunity to brand your own reusable bags, available for purchase right at the register. Reusable bags are great not only for food shopping, but toting things to the pool, packing for sleepovers, and more. With a great design and prominently displayed logo, your own branded bags are like traveling marketing—no advertising fees required.

Social Strategy

Of course social media stands out from the pack when it comes to inexpensive marketing. Use it wisely by promoting weekly specials, new products, even in-store contests. One cool thing we love to see on social feeds is new seasonal recipes, utilizing the ingredients you sell at your grocery store. It’s important to engage with your local community, and social media makes it easier than ever. And speaking of local…

Local Partnerships

Local, farm-fresh ingredients—everything from veggies and fruits to cheeses and meats—are trending bigtime with consumers these days. They are expecting to walk into your store and see displays of locally soured, sustainable foods that make them feel like they’re really supporting the community. Partner with the growers and makers in your area and make your store a destination for folks looking to be more eco-conscious.

Classes and Events

Cooking classes, tasting events, and any food-related activity geared toward children are all perfect ways to attract customers both existing and new. You can advertise these events on your social channels, and encourage attendees to post pictures and feedback using your store’s hashtag. Bringing in local vendors to run the show is another top-notch way to get involved with your community.

Sponsor Events

There’s no better way to increase your grocery store’s visibility than to sponsor local events. We’re thinking soccer games, 5Ks, pet adoption events, and the like. Donate bottles of water or oranges to the cause. And if there’s swag involved, make sure your store’s name and logo are printed on the line-up of sponsors.

As we continue to navigate this new retail landscape, remember that ARF Financial is here to help you every step of the way. With loan products tailored to fit your unique business needs and professional consultants who understand the ins and outs of small business ownership, we’re well positioned to help propel your grocery store ahead of the competition. Check our blog often to see what’s new!