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At ARF Financial, we understand how the business landscape has changed. This has especially been true for manufacturers. Many of our manufacturing clients have been forced to make changes, large and small, to remain competitive and profitable. Having immediate access to affordable capital from our IO Bankroll Revolving Line of Credit allows them to be ready for growth opportunities, increasing overhead and covering unexpected expenses. Below are just a few examples of how our financing can be used to keep your manufacturing businesses running smoothly:

Purchase Equipment & Invest in New Technology
Using IO Bankroll to purchase new or replace outdated equipment as well as investing in new technologies can minimize downtime, maximize efficiency, and increase throughput.
Stock Up on Inventory and Raw Materials
Use IO Bankroll to purchase in bulk and stockpile raw materials, protecting your cash flow from higher prices and supply chain delays. You’ll also reduce your COGS and increase production.
Expansion Projects
Expanding can transform your business, but can also get expensive. Rather than waiting, use IO Bankroll to get your project completed quickly and start earning a return on your investment.
Renovations & Build-Outs
With IO Bankroll, renovating your facilities to maximize its productive capacity or building out your space to accommodate more inventory and raw materials can give you an edge over competitors.
Eliminate or Minimize Outsourcing
Don’t stay beholden to other vendors. Use IO Bankroll to produce what you need in-house and reduce costs, eliminate supply chain issues, and protect your business from inflationary price hikes.
Cash Flow Stabilization & Seasonality
IO Bankroll is the perfect tool to have in your tool box to protect against seasonal dips in cash flow during periods of reduced demand, keeping your manufacturing business running smoothly.
Buying Out a Business Partner or Investor
IO Bankroll can supply the capital needed to buy out a business partner or investor. Doing so means keeping more of the profits from your hard work, and having control over important decision-making.
Bridge to SBA
IO Bankroll includes no yield maintenance and can fund in less than a week. Use it as a bridge until your SBA loan is approved and processed, which often takes six weeks or longer.

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Unlike other financial services companies, we employ a team of seasoned loan consultants who live and work in your community, understand the challenges you face, and are committed to sticking by your side even after your loan funds. They will help you get approved quickly, make sure you get the funding you need, and stick with you over the life of your business. If you are unsure about your financing needs or you would prefer a more personalized concierge experience, click on the link below to contact our loan consultants.

Call (888) 416-9350 to speak to an experienced loan consultant.
Up to $2,500 in Rewards for New Clients!

New client relationships are very important to us, and should be rewarded. For a limited time, new borrowers will receive a $500 Amex Gift Card for every $50,000 they borrow up to $2,500 in gift cards. Offer ends 10/31­­­­/2023.*

*Available for new clients only (out of the program 120 days or more). Receipt of the Amex Gift Card(s) is conditional based upon the following: Merchant’s approval under ARF Financials’ standard underwriting models and policies. Merchant’s acceptance of an approved loan amount, rate and term; and merchant borrowing a minimum of $50,000 to receive a $500 Amex gift card and another $500 gift card for every additional $50,000 they fund before 10/31­­­­/2023. This offer is not guaranteed unless application is made by merchant, and merchant borrows in accordance with the guidelines provided herein. ARF reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time. Expires 10/31­­­­/2023.

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