Intro to Meta’s Small Business Studios

We talk endlessly about the importance of a great social media strategy for your small business. The hard part is trying to figure out just how to implement one–especially when you’re busy running a company. Meta, the social media platform formerly known as Facebook, sets out to help folks grow their businesses. One way in which they’re aiming to do this is through their Small Business Studios, which was launched in the summer of 2022. Meta also recognizes the need for a top-notch social media strategy, and this new endeavor aims to guide small business owners with tips and tricks on how to best improve their social media reach. Think of Small Business Studios as a kind of one-stop online “hub” for social media resources, training, and inspiration.

Social media allows small businesses to connect on a different, more personal level with their customers. When a survey conducted by research firm Semrush found that forty percent of small business owners surveyed are concerned they’re not knowledgeable enough in the social media space, Meta set out to address that statistic. These folks need advice, working sessions, and one-on-one guidance on developing a social media strategy and click-worthy content. It only made sense for the world’s largest social media company to step in and help. In addition to Facebook, Meta also owns Instagram and WhatsApp, plus a slew of other social media companies.

Small Business Studios launched with the following three resources in place:

  • Build Your Brand Workshop: This digital workshop aims to provide creative inspiration and branding assistance for small businesses that utilize Facebook and Instagram. According to the website, “This workshop champions a customer mindset and dives in on business branding, how to build copy and creative when creating a post and then deciding what to post.”
  • Reels School: Designed for SMBs looking to create Reels, expand their audience reach, and reach their business goals.
  • Photography Virtual Workshop: A training that pairs small businesses with photography experts who can teach how to make effective, cost-friendly, simple images that work great on mobile devices.

Virtual lessons range in length from just a few minutes to close to 20, but it was important that these workshops not get too lengthy–after all, small business owners don’t have the luxury of time when it comes to developing their online presence. Small Business Studios offers additional trainings, in-person events, resources, and tools that you can check out on their Events page.

With so many channels out there to reach target customers, it’s tough to know where to go. Just like Meta is working toward being a one-stop shop for social strategies, ARF Financial also seeks to house the latest and greatest content for small business owners. Stop by the Financial Pantry to learn more about the latest financial news, small business tips, recipes for success, and more.