How Retailers are Practicing Social Distancing

How Retailers are Practicing Social DistancingHow Retailers are Practicing Social Distancing

Six feet. It’s a measurement that’s been steeped in our brains for several weeks at this point. We’re now busy doing calculations in our heads whenever someone approaches. It can be exhausting and frustrating, but it’s immeasurably important. And the good news is that Americans across the nation are all doing their part and participating in the social distancing guidelines outlined by experts. Retailers, for their part, are following suit as well. Here’s how some retailers are practicing social distancing.

Limited Entrance
Stores that have multiple entrances are closing all but one, which serves as the main point of entry for all customers. Target, for instance, is currently only letting as many customers into the store as come out. Masked staffers stand outside keeping the line in order, allowing patrons to enter as soon as folks leave. And according to their corporate website, Walmart “will now allow no more than five customers for each 1,000 square feet at a given time, roughly 20 percent of a store’s capacity.”

The lines outside are, for the most part, orderly and pleasant, while also remaining incredibly surreal. Consumers chit-chat in line about their makeshift face masks, how they’re dealing with the coronavirus at home, what they’re making for dinner. The mood is largely light, despite the pandemic we’re all facing.

Floor Markers
Don’t know what 6 feet looks like? Not everyone does. That’s why some retailers have started putting signs on their floors and in checkout lanes spaced 6 feet apart, giving consumers a visual queue as to the distance they should be keeping. And the fast-food chains that are still open have markers in front of their registers. Now, there are even a slew of websites where you can order social distancing floor decals. If your business is still open, as many grocery and box stores are, consider adding these decals to your establishment.

Sneeze Guards
The coronavirus is incredibly contagious and spreads many ways, not the least of which includes sneezing. Cashiers at these stores bear the brunt of the potential harm. Boxed into a small area with no protection from the endless lines of customers passing through their lanes, they’re especially vulnerable to everyone’s germs. That’s why a number of grocery stores and retailers have started installing sneeze guards at their cash registers. Partitions are also popping up at pharmacy counters across the country.

One-Way Aisles
One final social distancing measure retailers are taking is to implement one-way aisles throughout their stores. Floor markers guide consumers through the store, making it less likely they’ll come into close contact with another shopper. This is one of the more unique actions we’ve seen, and another reminder that we have to seriously change our shopping habits for the moment. As shoppers, we’re used to darting in and out of aisles, entering them through either side. When you’re forced to walk within just a few inches of another shopper to make it to the peanut butter on the other side, all social distancing efforts fly out the window. Controlling traffic flow is a key step in adhering to social distancing guidelines.

ARF Financial will continue to provide you with continuously updated COVID-19 content as the situation evolves. And as always, we encourage everyone to stay safe. Stay healthy.