Your Fourth of July Menu

Your Fourth of July MenuYour Fourth of July Menu

Independence Day. July 4th. America’s Birthday. No matter how you speak about the most patriotic celebration on the U.S. calendar, food always ends up being at the center of it all. Let’s dish about America’s favorite foods to ring in the 4th with, and learn how your restaurant can take a modern twist on them for your fourth of July menu.

Barbecued Everything

From pork to chicken, burgers to bacon, there’s no limit to the amount of food you can throw on a grill. While many customers might not be expecting traditionally backyard fare to be served at a restaurant, there’s no end to the spins you can put on your average hot dog or chicken breast. On the 4th, take your usual menu items and give them a celebratory spin by throwing them over some charcoal or wood chips. This simple act can make customers feel like they’re enjoying an outdoor barbecue—minus the cleanup.

Hot Dog!

There is quite possibly no other food more quintessentially 4th of July-themed than a good old traditional hot dog. And hot dogs are really having moment, what with franchises like Nathan’s Famous and Dog Haus bringing them into the spotlight. Think of a hot dog as a true vessel for your creativity, topping it with any number of unusual ingredients—from house-made mayo and pickles to grilled fruits and fire-roasted peppers. We’ve even seen a peanut-butter-and-banana dog, which definitely had our taste buds piqued.

Apple Pie

You don’t really have to put a spin on apple pie, as it’s pretty perfect just the way it is. But if you’re so inclined, serve it with a unique and complimentary ice cream flavor, like cinnamon chip, cranberry, or peanut butter. You also can’t go wrong with vanilla—you don’t need to mess with success! Another fun way to add apple pie to your menu is by hitting the bar. Consider celebratory apple pie Jell-O shots, apple pie sangria, or an apple pie milkshake.

Corn on the Cob

There’s an old saying among farmers in the U.S. that their corn crop should be “knee high by the 4th of July,” which would be a good indicator of whether they’d have a good harvest. Isn’t it interesting then that eating corn on the cob is such a tradition for July 4th barbecues? Thanks to an abundance of technological advances, we’re able to enjoy corn year-round. That being said, you don’t need to present your guests with a boring cob and some corn stickers when they come celebrate at your restaurant. Put a twist on the standard boiled-and-buttered ear by cooking up street corn, cornbread, or even sweet corn ice cream.

Guests coming to celebrate America’s birthday at your restaurant will likely welcome any kind of unique twist on traditionally American fare. It’s not something restaurants typically do, so why not start a trend? As usual, we recommend you advertise any specials early and often, both on your website and through social channels. And enjoy a safe, happy, profitable July 4th this year!