Yes, You Should Add Delivery to Your Restaurant

Add Delivery To Your Restaurant

Add Delivery To Your Restaurant

Speed is king these days when it comes to just about everything—including ordering food. Campaigns boasting of free meals if your delivery takes longer than 30 minutes are now rendered obsolete thanks to our fast-paced lives and the introduction of food delivery services such as Grubhub and Ubereats. Now, patrons can get food from their favorite spots delivered in the time it takes to pour a glass of wine. Food delivery is a trend that’s truly caught hold of today’s consumers. If you’re one of the restaurants that has yet to introduce delivery to its customers, we’re here to tell you why it’s one of the smartest moves you can make right now.

Add Delivery To Your Restaurant

It’s What Millennials Want

You hear us often speaking about the absolute need to cater to millennials. After all, they are the biggest living generation with purchasing power that surpasses Baby Boomers. When it comes to dining out, the National Restaurant Association (NRA) let us in on the statistic that a staggering 74% of millennials “would order delivery from a tables service restaurant if available, compared to 56% of all adults.”

To capture this enormous (and hungry) consumer group, look to where the trends lead: Food delivery sites like we mentioned above allow customers to order your restaurant’s food online through their site, eliminating the need for you to implement that technology on your end while providing great exposure for your business. Check out a list recently put together by urban tastebud of the best food delivery service apps out there today.

It’s in the Numbers reported that one of the most rapidly growing areas in the food industry is delivery; when combined with take-out, it makes up more than $70 billion in annual sales. “Studies also show that revenue from food delivery could reach $75 billion by 2020,” it reports. The trend clearly points toward delivery being the best thing since sliced bread, so don’t get left behind—or leave money on the table.

That said, restaurants offering cuisine aside from pizza and Chinese food haven’t adopted delivery across the board. It wasn’t until recently that Panera Bread started offering delivery services, and even then it’s only available in select areas. Are your competitors offering delivery? If not, get a leg up on the competition by being one of the flagship businesses to present this option to its customers.

It’s Convenient

No one feels like getting dressed up or heading outside when they’ve had a rough day or the weather is crummy. So, who do we lovingly turn to to brave the rain and cold? Delivery drivers, of course! There’s nothing more convenient than getting your favorite restaurant’s food delivered right to your doorstep, and customers appreciate restaurants that realize that. If you’re not offering delivery, you’ve just lost a customer who would rather stay inside than venture outdoors for your amazing cuisine.

Add Delivery To Your Restaurant

It’s Marketing On-The-Go

Ever seen that Domino’s car go by and instantly find yourself craving a slice of pepperoni? Exactly. Another smart reason to add delivery options to your establishment is the free marketing that comes with it. Your drivers, operating vehicles proudly adorned with your logo and phone number, are motoring past tons of potential customers every time they pull out of your parking lot. That’s something worth keeping in mind when deciding if delivery is right for restaurant.

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