Topics for Your Salon Blog

Topics for Your Salon BlogA key way to increase customer engagement and appeal to new clients is to implement a blog on your salon’s websites. Small business blogs can help spread awareness of your services, provide a platform to highlight your staff, or allow you to educate your customers on the latest trends. The goal of a blog is to get people talking about your company—after all, consumers still trust the review of a friend or family member way more than an ad. Today we’ve got a few great topics to consider to beef up your salon’s blog!

  1. Frequently Asked Questions

 Clients are likely always asking you for hair advice, so you’ve probably got backlog of FAQs swirling around in your head. Why not devote a monthly blog article to those questions? Some questions may require a quick response. Other questions might warrant a deeper dive, necessitating a longer post that really explores the answer. Either way, it’s a fun topic for exploration! Next time your client asks you a question, tell them that’s a great idea for your blog.

  1. Stylist Q&A

 Your stylists are the heart and soul of your salon. Often it’s they who are asking all the questions to the client in the chair! Turn it around and do a fun Q&A session with your employees (don’t forget the front desk staff!) to post as a series on your blog. Cool questions to think about: did you always want to do hair? What’s your favorite vacation spot? If you could style any celebrity, who would it be? This is a perfect way for current and prospective clients to get to know your stylists on a more personal level. 

  1. Tips & Trends

Anyone who has ever sat in a stylist’s chair knows they are a wealth of cool tips and tricks for hair styling. Whether it’s a review of the latest hair tool or a quick and easy video tutorial for a sleek topknot, this type of content always gets major love from readers.

  1. Product Reviews

 Haircare is ever changing. New products and formulas, gizmos and gadgets are always hitting the shelves—and some of them have a hefty price tag. A product review from a reputable salon can carry its weight in gold. And since a staggering percentage of folks don’t trust an ad to provide accurate information about a product, see if you can grab some feedback from a current client on one of the products you’re reviewing. You can also choose clients to be a “product tester,” providing an opinion on a conditioner or dry shampoo that you can post about.

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