Top Sites to List Your Restaurant Online

Top Sites to List Your Restaurant Online


Top Sites to List Your Restaurant Online

Online visibility is now more important to restaurant success than ever. According to data from HubSpot, 87% of smartphone owners use search engines at least once a day. Searching online doesn’t just lead to your restaurant website, but also tons of listing sites that people trust for their reviews, recommendations, and honest information. To help your restaurant win more tables through online leads, having a presence on these listing sites is a must. They’ll help you improve your reputation, increase visibility, and educate potential customers on what you can offer them. Investing in online marketing with the help of restaurant financing companies can also maximize the sales potential of these exposures, growing your restaurant business by making the most of each opportunity.

How to Gain the Interest of Thousands of Diners in Your Area

1. Google My Business

A complete, accurate Google My Business (GMB) profile is an absolute must for modern businesses. No matter how great your online presence is, GMB is an essential starting point. Claiming and completing your GMB profile ensures that information about your business can be fetched not just through Google but also Google Maps, which nearly 70% of iPhone users trust for information and directions.

2. Bing Places for Business

You may not think that many people use Bing, but the service powers voice search and device searches for millions of people around the world. For instance, Amazon Alexa, Apple’s Siri, Xbox One Consoles and nearly all Microsoft devices use Bing, especially for voice search. Having your restaurant listed on Bing therefore increases its chances of being pulled up when people ask for recommendations from their voice assistant.

3. Yelp

Yelp earns over 100 million unique monthly users between its app and website, and it’s become a go-to source for many people when weighing the quality and trustworthiness of local dining options. By checking review scores, looking at user photos or browsing by restaurant categories, people discover new restaurants through Yelp on a regular basis. Ensure that your restaurant has a complete presence on Yelp with accurate information, and pay attention to your review feedback so that you can earn a great reputation among diners.

4. TripAdvisor

Like Yelp, TripAdvisor is a trusted source of online reviews and information, especially for out of towners. Their “Top Restaurant” lists regularly make page one of Google searches for queries like “best seafood in Houston.” Again, claim your listing, verify the accuracy of information, and monitor your review scores closely. If you can maintain a positive reputation on TripAdvisor, your restaurant can be considered an ambassador business for your city and a must-visit location for travelers.

5. AllMenus

AllMenus simplifies the process of helping people make restaurant choices and anticipate what items they might order. Restaurants with seasonal menus and rotating special offerings might not think AllMenus is a good fit for their needs, but even a sample menu can help them clinch a new customer.

6. Facebook/Instagram

Facebook offers a central hub for people to search for businesses in their area. In fact, many people turn to Facebook over Google since a restaurant’s social media presence can say a lot about its approach to cuisine. Like Yelp and TripAdvisor, make sure to monitor your reviews. Also, be sure to respond to incoming messages since many people use social messaging as a primary form of contact to local businesses. As a bonus, creating a Facebook account means you can also easily create an Instagram account to share photos and attract a younger dining demographic.

7. OpenTable

OpenTable is popular not just for reservations but also for its reviews and recommendations. Many people search for all available restaurants in their area so that they can be sure to get a table, so having your business listed means they may consider you. The site also maintains user reviews and professional reviews, adding to the appeal of your restaurant when you can earn a positive reputation.

Top Sites to List Your Restaurant Online

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