Sustainable Restroom Ideas for Your Small Business

Sustainable Restroom Ideas for Your Small Business

Sustainability is more attractive to customers than ever. Brand purpose is a phrase that essentially means existing beyond the need to just make money—and it’s becoming a necessity for small businesses these days. You may have already been outfitting your business with more sustainable appliances, or doing away with plastic containers whenever possible. But there’s another place you might want to consider giving a sustainable makeover to: the public restroom.

Customers appreciate a clean bathroom, that’s a no-brainer. But modern-day consumers are also interested in what’s beyond the cleanliness. Take plastics, for one. We’re all guilty of using too many straws, disposable forks, plastic plates, etc. However, the packaging our restroom products are delivered in is also a culprit—and destined for our already overflowing landfills. Go for the products in sustainable packaging, such as recycled paper and plant-based materials. Sourcing products with sustainability certifications such as Green Seal is yet another way to make good on reducing CO2 emissions and pollution.

To reduce paper waste, consider going the route of the hand dryer in lieu of paper towels. There are so many sleek, efficient models out there now that cut down on drying time and make a large environmental impact. If you’ve ever been in a restroom with a Dyson Airblade, you know how cool the world of touchless hand dryers has gotten.

Water consumption in the restroom is no joke. Just a small upgrade to your toilets can make a huge difference. Dual-flush toilets that are designed to meet Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) standards are one such type, and so are low-flow toilets. And in the sink area, faucets with automatic sensors are one of the easiest ways to prevent overuse of water.

We’re all cleaning a lot more vigorously as we’re in the throes of the COVID-19 pandemic, but many of these harsh chemicals create havoc on humans and the environment. Look for products that do not contain Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), as these not only destroy the quality of indoor-air but have a crippling effect on our atmosphere as well (think global warming or acid rain).

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