Staying Positive for the Good of Your Business

Staying Positive for the Good of Your Business


Few people would disagree that owning a small business in the middle of a pandemic was challenging. Consumers and employers alike are weary, burnt out, and feeling any number of emotions about the future of our economy. We don’t know what news tomorrow will bring—which makes it all the more difficult to remain positive. Will one of your employees quit? Are there new government rules to abide by? Will that delayed shipment of inventory finally arrive? Here, we’ve got some food-for-thought on staying positive for the good of your business.

Control What You Can

When we feel hopeless as a small business owner, one key way to get out of that funk is to shift your mindset to focus on what’s within your control. You may not be able to improve the supply chain or single-handedly squash the COVID-19 pandemic, but you can work on improving your business in bite-sized pieces. Consider cleaning up your website or revamping your marketing strategies. Rearrange your store layout based on customer shopping behavior. The important thing is just doing what you can to maintain some sense of control over a situation that’s left many of us feeling powerless.

Seek Expertise

We often can’t go it alone. And this is where a business mentor or coach can certainly come in handy. While this is a really unique time in history, having a professional by your side to navigate some of the tougher aspects of managing a business during a pandemic may help ease some of those negative thoughts. 

It Could Be – And Has Been – Worse

When we think back to a time in recent history when things were really awful (besides the pandemic, of course), it’s common to land on the Great Recession. Estimates are that from 2008-2010, 1.8 million small businesses (SMBs) closed their doors for good. During the first year of the pandemic, that number was closer to 200,000. Arguments like “things could be so much worse” might not seem helpful, but with data to back it, this otherwise cliché phrase can feel a bit more palatable.

Remember the Good

You may be knee-deep in anxiety inducing thoughts, but don’t forget about the successes of your past. The fact that you’re still in business is tremendous. And remember all those great things that happened along the way? They’re likely part of the reason your doors remain open. Misery loves company, so don’t feed into it. Challenge yourself to combat negative thoughts with the power of positive thinking.

It’s important to remember that you’re not alone in any of this. From small business owners to the everyday consumer, we are all feeling the pinch. We’ve got to go easy on ourselves. ARF Financial’s blog can be a great spot to dive into content that might just help turn your mentality toward more positive things. You can also check out some of our most-loved success stories for a look at how ARF Financial is helping small businesses like yours thrive.