Practical and Profitable Restaurant Remodel Ideas

restaurant remodel ideas A restaurant remodel can be just the thing your location needs to freshen up its image and give guests a more enjoyable, put-together experience.

Ambiance and experience matter a surprising amount, too. In a survey of over 99,000 diners across the country, those who said food quality was more important than experience were still 20 percent less likely to return to a restaurant if they rated the experience slightly lower than the food. If they rated the experience two points lower, they were 38 percent less likely to return.

Remodeling your restaurant opens countless opportunities to improve your guests’ experience — and increase their likelihood of coming back — while potentially improving profits. You can finance your remodel without cutting into working capital, either, when you examine your options for restaurant remodel loans that provide tangible benefits, such as mezzanine loans with tax-deductible interest.

Get inspired to give your location a facelift by considering four effective restaurant remodel ideas below.

Make a Grand Entrance

A guest’s impression as they walk into a restaurant should be more than positive; they should be overwhelmed with high expectations created by the décor and architecture. Yet, many restaurants hurt these impressions by making their hostess area packed, dark and lackluster. Guests may even feel a sense of foreboding about the meal ahead if an entrance area is painfully drab.

restaurant remodel Give them reasons to be excited about their meal ahead by making every step of their initial journey impressive. Front walk landscaping and outdoor lighting can start making an impression before they even walk in the door. Comfortable seating for guests waiting on tables reduces the chances of a walkout, and entrance architecture worthy of a magazine spread can set expectations early. Both add comfort to the waiting process and set the stage for a more memorable meal.

Add Seating al Fresco

Outdoor seating areas add a dynamic experience to your restaurant while increasing the number of available tables. Exquisitely themed outdoor areas, taking inspiration on everything from beer gardens to Japanese rock gardens, can even cause your outdoor tables to be in high demand, encouraging people to claim a table early or call in a reservation.

restaurant outdoor seatingAspects that add subtle quality to an outdoor dining experience include awnings and shelters that adjust for the season, outdoor speakers, a musical performance stage, landscaping, and plenty of ambient light.

Stepping Up to More Intimate Dining

Separating dining areas can cut down on noise while helping each table feel as if they are in a more intimate and exclusive environment. You can enhance this feeling while making the most of your physical space by adding elevated flooring to a section of your dining area. Guests who have an elevated view can enjoy more atmospheric dining experiences. Even the act of walking up a few steps can feel exciting as guests take their seat.

Soundproofing and décor can also help absorb noise while adding structure to the layout of your dining area.

Raising the Bar with a Second Drink-Serving Area

restaurant bar additionAdding a second bar can help improve service in your restaurant while giving guests seated further back in the building an opportunity to still enjoy exclusive-feeling interactions with bartenders. Themed bars also work well with separating the function and purpose of each serving area. One bar can even turn into a service-only section during slow periods, helping speed up service while still offering an area to patrons who prefer bar seating.

Help Your Location Realize Its Potential with Restaurant Remodel Loans

These remodeling ideas and any others you can imagine can be achieved on your schedule and without feeling squeezed for cash when you explore your options for restaurant financing. With just a little investment, you could reap the rewards of more loyal guests and an improved reputation.

Get started planning your renovation when you request a free, no-obligation quote for restaurant loans today!