5 Ways to Renovate Your Medical Practice

Is your medical practice outgrowing your office space?

If you’re attracting a higher number of patients, expanding your staff or planning to offer more services, it’s time to think about renovating or expanding. Start with a few basics as you plan your new space to ensure a successful remodel.

renovate doctors office

Create a Cozy Waiting Area

Although you do your best to minimize patient wait time, you want people to be as comfortable as possible while they are in the waiting room.

upgrade medical practice

Update the carpets and replace the chairs, opting for soft fabrics and relaxing colors. Create open seating areas with enough space to accommodate patients and their family members or caregivers. Replace the droning TV with quiet music, and decorate the walls with interesting artwork.

Offering free Wi-Fi access gives patients the additional option of going online for work or recreation.

Invest in Updated Medical Equipment

Investing in new imaging, medical equipment and updated electronic health record systems will help  you offer patients the latest, most accurate technologies while adhering to government regulations.



Maximize Exam Room Comfort

Many people are anxious when they arrive at the doctor, and stark exam rooms only make these feelings worse.

Incorporating elements from the waiting area promotes a feeling of calmness. Swap harsh lighting with bulbs designed to emit a softer glow.

update exam room

Choose soothing colors for the walls, and provide comfortable chairs for patient companions and caregivers. Consider adding photographs or paintings of natural scenes to the decor to balance out medical charts and information.

Streamline Checkout

Once an appointment is over, patients are often in a hurry to get home. Make it as easy as possible for them to check out and to fill any prescriptions at your onsite pharmacy, if you have one.

doctors office checkout

If you can, expand the types of payment you accept to include mobile options such as Apple Pay. Updating the checkout process makes your office more efficient and improves the patient experience.

Privacy and Safety

When planning your new office design, consider the safety of both patients and practitioners. Hallways and exam rooms should never be crowded with tools or equipment, and these areas must be designed to accommodate patients of all ages and physical abilities.

doctor consultation

To facilitate safety and efficiency during exams, develop a logical storage system for examination areas, the lab and any imaging facilities you have. Protect patient privacy by designing exam rooms and reception areas to allow information to be discussed without being overheard.

Familiarize yourself with HIPAA regulations for office design, and use them as a guide for making changes. Whether you choose to renovate or expand your practice, make comfort and convenience for patients your main consideration.

Create a medical office with an inviting atmosphere and give your staff the tools they need to do their jobs well so that you can offer the best experience to every patient who comes in the door.

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