Promoting Your Psychiatric Practice

Promoting Your Psychiatric PracticeSome small businesses are easy enough to promote through the help of word-of-mouth. But with the stigma around mental health, it can be difficult to rely on patient referrals to increase awareness of your practice and build your client base. Here, we’ll cover a few effective promotional strategies you can implement for your psychiatric practice.


Insurance providers are critical in increasing your client base. You want to accept a great range of providers, since prospective patients are not likely to choose your practice if you don’t take their insurance. You can also find the Employee Assistance Programs offered by employers in your area, and get in touch with the human resources department to let them know all about your practice.

Website Content

Building an SEO-friendly, comprehensive and informative website for your practice is key. It can include bios of your doctors, industry news, and all the important information prospects should know to help them determine whether or not your practice is right for them. Bonus points if patients can schedule a session online. To go along with your website, make certain you have print collateral that drives to the site—things such as pamphlets to place at the desk of local doctors, posters, etc. As you are working with patients, assess if there is a common theme in their discussions with you. Major issues you hear about time and again make for perfect content to write a blog about.


A lot of times, folks will turn to their general practitioners if they find themselves needing mental healthcare. By building relationships with the doctors in your area, you are opening the door to patient referrals. Additionally, lend your expertise to online message boards or forums focused on mental health issues. Offer professional advice wherever you can, and be sure to include a link to your website with every response.


In today’s landscape you would be hard-pressed to find a psychiatrist that’s not offering telemedicine, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t make a point of it here. Being flexible these days means not only conducting sessions online, but also rethinking your hours of operation. A lot of professionals are working from home, powering through lunch without a break and juggling childcare at the same time. If you want to stand out from your competition, consider extended hours that enable clients to meet with you after the kids are in bed. And be sure to post your flexible schedule on your website.

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