Our Customizable Loan Products

Over the last 20 years, we have obtained and nurtured relationships with several state-chartered, community banks across the country to provide our clients easy access to true bank loans without the need for collateral while bypassing the normal hassles, wait times and paperwork requirements. The loan products we offer are affordable, easy to obtain and have unique features specifically designed to help your business grow without disrupting your cash flow.

The Difference is Insight

Unsecured Lines of Credit

As a successful business owner, you know it pays to be prepared. And, with a Line of Credit from ARF Financial, you will be! As business conditions change, you can simply draw from your line as needed. The best part? You only pay for what you borrow, and your rate is locked in for a full 6 months!

Interest Only Flex Pay Loans

To help you overcome the challenges due to COVID-19, we’ve introduced our new Interest-Only Flex Pay Loan. It gives you the confidence to borrow now with low, interest-only payments for up to 5 months! After the interest-only period, you have the option to pay off the principal, or we’ve created the perfect safety net – a built in 60-week rollover amortization. With flexibility like this you can truly borrow with confidence!

Flex Pay Loans

A Flex Pay Loan from ARF Financial gives you the ability to defer up to 50% of the loan principal into the future for the lowest possible payments now. This unique flexibility keeps you in control and provides the lowest cost of money while maximizing your cash flow. Our repayment options are so flexible that you can pay back the deferred principal in a lump sum, refinance it, or extend your terms to keep your payments at the same low amount!

Working Capital Loans

When cash is tight due to an unexpected dip in sales or a slow seasonal period, don’t feel forced to scale back your operations or postpone growth opportunities. A Working Capital Loan from ARF Financial can provide the surge of capital you need quickly and without the need for collateral! Are you weathering periods of lower sales trying to ramp up for a busy season ahead? Working capital loans can help!

Bridge Loans

ARF has a loan product that provides ‘bridge’ or ‘gap’ financing so you can proceed with your growth plans while you work with your bank to secure traditional funding sources such as an SBA loan. A Bridge Loan is a financial product that functions as a short-term amortizing loan to support projects or investments that are expected to generate returns.

$2,000 New Client Offer

New client relationships are important to us and we want to reward you. For a limited time, you can receive an Amex Gift Card up to $2,000* after your loan funds. Find out how much you qualify for in 5 easy steps. It’s free and won’t affect your credit.

*Receipt of the Amex Gift Card is conditional based upon the following: Merchant’s approval under ARF Financial’s standard underwriting models and policies, merchant’s acceptance of an approved loan amount, rate and term; and, merchant borrowing a minimum of $100,000 within 30 days of merchant’s completed application to receive a $2,000 gift card.This offer is not guaranteed unless application is made by merchant, merchant borrows in accordance with the guidelines provided herein. Merchants with active loans are excluded. Former merchants must be paid off 30 days or more to qualify. One card per guarantor only. ARF Financial reserves the right to terminate the offer at any time.

Receive an offer and approval for funds in 24 to 48 hours when you apply online!

It’s quick and won’t affect your credit!

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