Improving the Retail Experience Through Music

Improving the Retail Experience Through Music

Ever walk into a store in one mood, and the music they’re playing just changes your entire outlook? Music is powerful in that way – it can put us in great spirits, make us cry, make us laugh, and it can define entire periods of our lives. When it comes to retail experiences, music has the power to create just the right atmosphere for shoppers. Here, we’ll run through some reasons why music has the ability to totally transform the shopping experience for your guests.

Make Waiting Less Painful

If customers are spending time in your store, listening to a soundtrack of music they enjoy, it can make the entire experience more pleasant. Even if they are spending extended periods waiting in the checkout line, the gift-wrap station, or for someone to grab something off a high shelf. And during the holiday season when customer service is slammed, music can ease shoppers’ frustrations with long wait times.

Perception Perfection

Think of your target customer—are they big spenders, teenagers, families? The type of music you play can have a direct influence on how shoppers perceive your business (and how much they’re willing to spend). For instance, teens might be more willing to spend their money at a store that’s playing Top 40 hits. Higher-end businesses, such as wine stores, may do better with classical music, which emits an air of class.

Decrease Stress

Sometimes we’ll walk by stores in the mall that are blasting music so loud the entire food court can hear. This can send shoppers running, as louder music can increase stress levels. The way to balance this is to keep the tunes at a background music level, which allows customers to think about what they need at your store and why they need it.

Feeling Welcome

It can often seem awkward to walk around a store with no music playing—you can hear other shoppers’ conversations (or arguments), kids screaming, or cashiers getting the runaround from a disgruntled guest. No music can cause feelings of disengagement with your business. If you’re unsure of what type of music to play, try asking your customers directly via your social media channels. You can also explore playlists of lesser-known tunes that can help your store stand apart from the rest.

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