How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your Bar or Restaurant

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your Bar or Restaurant

Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your Bar or Restaurant

Everyone’s Irish on St. Patrick’s Day, right? This year, the 4th biggest drinking day of the year falls on a Sunday—and that’s good news for those in the bar and restaurant industry (and possibly bad news for employers expecting to see a fresh-faced staff show up to the office on Monday morning). With consumers set to spend billions of dollars on St. Patrick’s Day this year, let’s take a look at some fun ways you lads and lasses can bring the luck o’ the Irish to your business!

Green Beer

It’s a given that people are going to be seeking out restaurants that really get into the spirit of the celebration. One of the more iconic drinks of the holiday is of course green beer, which was interestingly enough created by a physician and eye surgeon in the Bronx in 1914. And speaking of beer, did you know beer sales increase by 152.5% and 819% more Guinness is consumed on St. Patrick’s Day? Check out Betty Crocker’s easy-as-pie recipe for green beer here.

Promote the Holiday’s History 

St. Patty’s is one of the more historically intriguing holidays, with plenty of interesting tidbits your average American might not know. For instance:

  • Every year since 1962, the Chicago River has been dyed green to celebrate the holiday (the dye lasts for 5 hours)
  • A crystal ball of shamrocks is given to the president of the United States every year by Ireland’s president
  • A leprechaun’s pot of gold has a market value of $1.3 million

You can print out fun infographics highlighting these facts and place them at your tables and on the bar—customers will love learning about the history of the day while enjoying a pint. Or, make a game out of these stats! Have your wait staff ask consumers fun St. Patrick’s Day trivia questions and offer a free beer or brat for correct answers.

Go All-Out Irish

We touched on green beer, but there are a slew of green cocktails and liquors you can feature to really up your Irish spirit. Mix that Drink has a comprehensive (and appropriately numbered) list of 17 cocktails to choose from that’ll have your patrons feeling oh-so lucky.

If going green seems too predictable, you can also serve drinks in honor of the liquors of Ireland, such as Jameson Irish whiskey and Baileys Irish cream. And don’t forget about Ireland’s famous beers, like Guinness Irish Stout and Killian’s Irish Red Lager.

How to Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in your Bar or Restaurant

Bring on the Entertainment

Live music always draws a crowd, and there’s nothing more exciting on St. Patrick’s Day than an Irish band rockin’ out in your restaurant. Check out the local talent in your area, and be sure to get the word out on social media as soon as you’ve secured a group.

If hosting a live music event isn’t in the cards for your business, here’s a list of songs by Irish bands and another of great Irish songs that’ll set the perfect tone for your guests.

Need even more inspiration? Be sure to check out our post from last year, Five St. Patrick’s Day Restaurant Promotions to Turn Your Competitors Green!

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