How Hiring the Right Employees Can Save You Money


Are you looking to hire a new employee for your company? Whether it’s a front line customer service rep or a high-level manager you’ll want to invest significant time in finding a person who is not only qualified for the position but who fits in with your company culture. Failure to find a “perfect fit” can cost your business a lot of money.

Here’s how hiring the right employee will benefit your company and save you money:

  • Companies with positive employee relationships have low turnover rates. Turnovers are extremely costly to a company. You lose all the money invested into employee training and any licenses or software purchased. In addition, when a new employee is hired in the first person’s place, the company must now spend money in the same areas to prepare the new hire.
  • The right employee will contribute to your company’s success and growth. He or she will be devoted and loyal to your company. Excellent employees always speak highly of their employer and think of their job as a privilege, not an entitlement. They work hard and thrive in a culture of success.
  • Happy employees are more productive. A study out of the University of Warwick shows that happiness can make people 12 percent more productive. If you want your employees working as efficiently and effectively as possible be sure to hire the ones who are a perfect fit for your company beyond their basic qualifications. This will ensure they are happy in the workplace, which will in turn make them more productive.

Having a strong interview process in place will help you find the right job candidate to fill your open position.

Here are 5 top interviewing tips:

  1. Pay close attention to the initial few moments of any interview. Meeting the candidate and shaking his or her hand will give you an idea of their confidence, enthusiasm, and all around poise.
  2. Make the interviewee as comfortable as possible. Start with basic, personal questions to help relieve any nervousness the candidate may be feeling.The less nervous a candidate is, the more their natural personality will shine through. Questions like, “Where did you go to school?” and “Have you lived in this area your whole life?” are good ice-breaker questions.
  3. Look Beyond the Person’s Qualifications. Qualifications are easily found on a resume, use the interview to learn more about the candidate’s communication skills, work habits, attitude, personality, sense of humor and perception of the job and it’s role within the company.
  4. Outline Job Expectations. Clearly defining the position and expressing your expectations from the get go will help prevent employee confusion and any related issues in the future.
  5. Always end the interview asking if the applicant has any questions. A good candidate who cares about working for your company will want to know just as much about you as you want to know about them.

It may seem tedious interviewing many job candidates, especially if the first person you meet is qualified for the job. However, this process is very important because finding the right applicant will save your company money.

Just as employees are the biggest cost to an employer, they can also be the biggest assets to your company. By ensuring you’ve hired the right person for the right position, you can effectively retain employees for the long haul and save a lot of money in the process.

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