Father’s Day Promotions for Your Restaurant

Father’s Day Promotions for Your RestaurantFather’s Day Promotions for Your Restaurant

Restaurants tend to see less of an uptick in traffic on Father’s Day as compared to Mother’s Day, but that’s not to say this special occasion is worth turning your nose up at. As reported by the National Retail Federation, “Father’s Day spending has grown 70 percent, approximately $6.6 billion, since 2009.” Total spending this year is expected to reach $16 billion. Let’s take a look at some of the fun ways you can celebrate dad at your restaurant and bring in your share of that multi-billion-dollar spending statistic.

Father Freebies

This one packs a one-two punch. Offer a free drink, entrée or dessert to all the dads who come in. By running a promotion like this, you all but guarantee the kids have to come, too—which ultimately means more revenue. And why not span the generations? Father’s Day doesn’t have to be limited to just dad—don’t forget to include grandpop as well.

Social Contests

We’re all about using social media as a low-cost marketing strategy. We’ve also got a soft spot for social media contests, which is exactly where this promotion is headed. Have your followers tag your restaurant in pictures of the dads in their lives with their kids, and select a winner to receive a gift card, free entrée, or discounted meal.

Buffet Time

If you’re expecting an outpouring of families this Father’s Day, why not have a family-friendly buffet everyone can enjoy? Brunch buffets are always a popular option (who doesn’t love an omelet station or Blood Mary bar?), and larger crowds love the idea of getting their meals ASAP—regardless of how busy the restaurant is. Plus, the kids can choose anything they want to eat, which gives dad (and mom) a nice break.

Outdoor Games

Dads (and their families) love being outdoors. If the weather is nice this year and you’ve got the space, try bringing some popular yard games to your restaurant. Games like corn hole, ladder ball, and giant Jenga are fun, interactive activities the whole family can enjoy. It’s even a great time for dads out celebrating with their dad friends. While this isn’t necessarily a promotion, it’s a great way to create buzz around your restaurant and get new folks in the door.

Branded Swag

From pint glasses to homemade treats, everyone loves a freebie. Celebrate dad with branded promotional items that not only make him feel welcomed but provide a great marketing opportunity for your restaurant. He’s sure to think of your place every time he throws on your restaurant’s branded t-shirt or hat.

Dad Jokes

We’ve all heard at least one dad joke in our lives, and they’re all at once quaint and cringe-worthy in their own way (for a good laugh, check out this list of hilariously bad dad jokes from Best Life). Why not capitalize on these pun-prominent quips by creating table signage boasting a slew of dad jokes? Or have a social media contest in which followers post their favorite dad jokes; narrow them down to a select few and ask your followers to vote on the best one. Give a digital gift card, free beer, or branded swag to the winner!

The best part of celebrating Father’s Day at your restaurant is that no matter how you choose to make it special, you really can’t go wrong. From off-the-wall contests to family-friendly events, dad is sure to feel the love if you simply recognize the holiday and how great he really is. We hope you try at least one of these ideas this year. And have a very happy Father’s Day!