We Can Now Lend to More Industry Types

 You know us as the #1 lender to restaurant and hospitality businesses, but many of our partners ask, “have you considered lending to more industry types?” The answer is yes. We’ve recently created a new loan product specifically designed for businesses other than restaurants. Below is an expanded list of the business types we can now lend to.

Professional Services

Advertising/Public Relations
Architectural Services
Cleaning Services
Legal Services
Printing & Publishing


Chemical & Related Manufacturing
Drug Manufacturing
Electronics Manufacturing & Equipment
Food Products Manufacturing
Pharmaceutical Manufacturing
Steel Production/Steel Fabricators
Industrial Equipment Manufacturing


Beer, Wine & Liquor
Computer Software
Food Processing & Sales
Food Stores
Meat Processing & Products
Medical Equipment
Medical Supplies
Nutritional & Dietary Supplements

Retail Sales

ATV/Golf Cart Dealers
Cable & Satellite TV Production & Distribution
Energy & Natural Resources
Medical Equipment & Supplies
Newspaper, Magazine & Book Publishing
Online Retailers
Tractor & Lawn Mower Sales

ARF Unsecured Loan vs. Merchant Cash Advance


Most businesses have limited choices when it comes to obtaining capital. The most common is a merchant cash advance (MCA). As shown in the table below, an unsecured business loan from ARF Financial is far superior to a merchant cash advance!

ARF Loan for Expanded Portfolio
Typical Merchant Cash Advance
Rate = 1.25 (annualized = 25%) Rate = 1.35 to 1.40 (annualized = 47% to 70%)
Fixed term = 12 to 36 months Variable term = 6 to 9 months
Loan amount based on total sales (cash & credit card) Advance amount based on credit card sales only
Fixed weekly payments Daily variable payments
Flex Pay – 50% principal deferment into the future for lower payments now No
Line of Credit = Yes, up to 5 drafts for 6 months No
Early payoff options are available No
Interest paid is tax deductible No

Minimum Requirements


Time in Business

Business must be open and operating for at least 2 years under the same ownership.


Annual Sales

Business must generate at least $200,000 in net annual sales.


Credit Score

Guarantor’s Equifax credit score must be 601 or higher.



Bankruptcies whether business or personal must be discharged for 12 months or more.

Other Requirements:

Loan amount is capped at 7.5% of net annual sales. Business cannot have more than 7 NSFs in the current month. Tax liens cannot equal 20% or more of monthly sales. Lease must be current if applicable. Click here for a list of prohibited industry types.