Why Al Fresco Dining is Worth the Investment

Al Fresco Restaurant Dining

Al Fresco Restaurant Dining

During the summertime, restaurants witness a significant decline in the number of walk-in customers. Growing your business during this time requires you to consider adding some attractive features to your restaurant. An outdoor seating or a patio area will not only expand usable space but will also give your customers a chance to enjoy Al Fresco Dining whenever the weather outside is beautiful. To enhance the experience of the customers, you might need to add extra conveniences as well, depending on your location.

Benefits of Adding Al Fresco Restaurant Dining

The benefits of outdoor seating are not restricted to expanding your business space only. There are many other reasons why you should make this much-needed change to your restaurant.

1.     Increase in Sales

The most obvious and straightforward benefit of adding Al Fresco dining to your restaurant comes in the form of increased revenue. A study conducted backed this claim by proving that restaurants that had added outside seating to their business witnessed an increase of 30% in their sales. Moreover, you will be able to deliver an experience to the customers, which they appreciate. This appreciation plays a crucial role whenever they are deciding on a restaurant to visit.

2.     More Time Spent

Due to the added feature that allows people to relax and enjoy in the outside weather, restaurant owners witness an increase in the total amount of time spent by customers. This increased time translates into increased revenue and gives you the opportunity to use your upselling or cross-selling techniques.

3.     Aids in Marketing

Outside dining does not have to be advertised. A well-built patio or a rooftop seating, both, can speak for themselves and have the ability to attract many passersby. Al Fresco Dining should, therefore, be seen as a marketing tool as well.

4.     Extra Space

Lastly, Al Fresco Dining will give your restaurant some extra space that you can utilize to accommodate more customers than usual.

Al Fresco Restaurant Dining

How to Incorporate Al Fresco Dining

Fortunately, there is a variety of ways in which you can offer this great feature to your customers. Depending on what kind of space is available to you, you can decide on the right way of offering Al Fresco Dining to your customers. Here are some ideas:

1.     Sidewalk

You can use this flexible way of Al Fresco Dining by adding a few umbrellas and attractive lighting. Customers can enjoy the dining experience while watching the pedestrians walk by.

2.     Rooftop

If the weather and view work in your favor, you can add a rooftop dining option as well. To do this, you will have to add extra lighting and can even add a gorgeous looking garden to enhance the overall dining experience.

3.     Garden

To create an extremely comforting environment, you can use an outside garden as a sitting area. Customers will love the experience of being surrounded by flowers and greenery thereby increasing the popularity of your restaurant.

Bottom Line

If you haven’t been offering Al Fresco Dining to your customers until now, it is about time you start considering the idea. Customers love the idea of having the option to sit outside and enjoy the weather while they have their favorite meal. However, if this local business expansion idea seems to bring about extra worries for your restaurant cash flow, you can contact ARF Financial! With a simple funding process, ARF Financial offers flexible loan terms up to 36-months, low fixed rates, and no collateral is required. We can approve you in 24 to 48 hours and your credit will not be impacted by this application! APPLY NOW.